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A Look Into Our Shop

Welcome to our shop in Harker Heights, Texas! We are very proud of our small home business serving the Killeen/Copperas Cove/Harker Heights/Belton/Temple areas with Ceramic coatings, auto detailing, and paint protection film (PPF, clear bra).

Our shop, and us, defined

See a 360 degree tour, here!

We have been waiting to show you our finished product until we had everything in place! We will get into finer details of each section but first provide a broad-brush stroke of the shop.

At HHCC we believe in attention to detail and a tailored, well-communicated, and friendly working relationship with our clients. To us, you are not just a business transaction.  Our shop is small, and fits half ton pickup trucks such as a Ford F150, Chevy Tahoe, and smaller/similar vehicles. Due to the size, we can only have one project at a time when applying paint protection film or ceramic coatings. Some people might see that as a downfall, but we like to think of it as a positive – we focus on one ceramic coating / auto detailing client at a time, instead of many, and you get frequent updates from the person doing the work, in real time.

We believe in a fully clean/immaculate, secure, well-lit, and automated shop, able to attend to just about any issue that may arise. We come from a race car background, having driven on track at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and other locations such as Motorsports Ranch Cresson (outside of Dallas). What does that mean for you? It means we have almost every tool under the sun and are able to work on your vehicle – removing parts for paint protection film installation, removing and replacing the wheels (correctly) when doing wheels-of packages with Ceramic Coatings, you name it!

If you are not impressed when you see our shop, we will be completely surprised!

Come with us to take the longer virtual tour! We will go way into depth so you can have a true tour without ever having to leave your web browser/phone!

1. Lighting and Power

The HHCC shop in Harker Heights is powered by enough lighting that it can be seen at night from Killeen or even the Ausin area. Ok, maybe not! However, if you have seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, you can imagine when we power it up it is like Clark lighting up his Christmas lights.

Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings has approximately 350,000 lumens of LED lighting, nearly 1,000 lumens per square foot, in order to see your vehicle in every light. Just as an idea, the average lumen output of a 60w bulb in your house is approximately 800 lumens. Imagine filling your garage with 438 light bulbs!

We don’t always use all 350,000 lumens – we have the ability, using Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot or our Apple iPad/iPhone to adjust the system into varying degrees of lighting depending upon the color of the vehicle and what we are doing. Too much light on certain cars can actually wash out or make scratches disappear to us, so we have to try different settings to make things work.

One of our best tools we like to use are our three ScanGrip MultiMatch 8000 lumen lights, which can simulate various types of sunlight and temperature of lighting.

ScanGrip MultiMatch with back side showing various color temperature options

ScanGrip Color Match in use while we work on a heavily-swirled black Jeep Grand Cherokee

Now, you might be saying to yourself – “This doesn’t sound very environmentally friendly!” We agree! That is why we have a massive 14.76 kW (not to be confused with kWH) solar panel system, and we are scheduled to have an ADDITIONAL 7.79 kW add on completed by December 2021, for a total of 22.55 kW. The average system is around 3.5 kW, for comparison. We use net 100% renewable energy whether we are doing auto detailing, ceramic coating, or paint protection film on your vehicle, washing towels afterwards, etc. We sell additional power that we produce back to ONCOR as credit for when the weather is not friendly to solar, and always maintain renewable credits!

View from our solar panel usage app from Freedom Solar /Sun Power

2. Security, Insurance, and Licensing

One of the other major topics of discussion HHCC has with clients is – are we a legit company in Harker Heights, Killeen, and Copperas Cove, and surrounding areas? Do we have insurance? How can we be sure that our vehicle is protected while in your hands? Do you have business insurance?

The answer, of course, is YES! To everything!

We are fully licensed in the State of Texas, we have a valid Employer Identification Number, and we have taken all of the legal steps to be able to operate as a home business in Harker Heights and the Central Texas areas.


Filing with the Texas Attorney General’s Office

City of Harker Heights Home Business License (we do not need separate licenses for Copperas Cove, Killeen, Temple, or any areas we service on a mobile basis, such as Austin, Cedar Park, etc)

Additionally, Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings is fully insured not only while your vehicle is on the premises, but also if we need to move it. That goes as far as moving it just in and out of the shop, to picking it up and driving it to you (on a case-by-case basis). We use Goosehead Insurance and have six figure liability limits.


Copies of our insurance certificate with our address blacked out (we operate by appointment-only)

Not only do we have insurance in case something happens (hopefully not!), but we have a complete TON of security in and around the shop / home, monitored by Vivint. The HHCC security system is comprised of:


  • Vivint main panel with security and video monitoring of three cameras
  • Monitoring of glass breakage, smoke
  • Vivint driveway (front), backyard, doorbell, and inner shop (on wall overlooking the shop) cameras
  • Smart deadbolt locks on all external doors plus inner shop door
  • Window sensors on all windows
  • Multi-month local and cloud storage backup of all videos
  • Works with or without power to the house (cutting power would not stop the security system)


  • Two front and two rear floodlight wireless blink cameras with 700 lumen floodlights and motion detection
  • Additional Blink doorbell camera with motion sensing for the shop (garage door)
  • One additional exterior wireless Blink camera in the rear
  • Eight Blink indoor cameras throughout the house
  • Cloud storage for all cameras

In the end, people cannot access our house without two redundant systems tracking their motion, lighting up their approach, recording their every move, and reporting to the authorities. In addition, everyone in our neighborhood has security systems, and we have zero crime.

We say all of this to say that whether you are having a Ceramic coating, Paint Protection Film, or just general auto detailing and paint correction – your vehicle is allowed to be here, fully protected, and insured in the event that some freak occurrence might happen!

Our Vivint Camera protects and monitors, whether the power is on or off!

HHCC is guarded at night by ambient and flood lighting, which also records amazing audio. It’s backed up in the cloud, so even if people were “scouting” the location, they would be captured on film.

3. Automation

If you are a total geek like we are, all of this stuff wouldn’t be as fun if we didn’t have total control of it from our iPhone/iPad, and Alexa voice. Not only can we control all of these things by saying “Alexa, ….” while we are working on a vehicle (making us more efficient as we change lighting by voice instead of stopping and going by hand to physically turn a switch on or off).

It also helps with security of the HHCC shop, as we get immediate alerts via our Apple smart devices, the Blink app, and the Vivint security system.


Just a few of our automation tasks and lighting in the Harker Heights shop

4. Auto Detailing and Ceramic Coating Equipment

A detailer’s primary tool is the polishers he or she uses to conduct paint correction. For Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, we primarily use Rupes rotary and dual action polishers. We do have some Flex, Maxshine, and Bauer polishers as well for niche detailing and correction needs.

For paint correction, we largely use our Rupes 5″ rotary polisher with Americana Global or Lake Country hybrid wool pads and finish with our Rupes 5″ Bigfoot dual action polisher and black Americana Global or Lake Country pads. However, we have a Maxshine 3″ rotary polisher and a Flex 1″ cordless polisher with rotary attachment we use to get into small areas. For larger areas, such as the 1985 Bluebird Wanderlodge 40 foot bus we are working on, we might use the 7″ Bauer rotary polisher and 6″ Rupes dual action polishers.

For application of ceramic coatings, we sometimes use a hand applicator sponge and disposable gloves. Recently, however, we have begun spraying ceramic coating onto almost all surfaces, wheels or otherwise, using our Iwata LP80 spray gun and Porter Cable pancake compressor with our wall-mounted 65′ air hose. For this we also wear a 3M full respirator as the spray gun gets much of the ceramic into the air. We started doing this to ensure even coverage, especially for areas with small nooks and crannies, such as the grille on a car or truck.

5.  Paint Protection Film Equipment

We definitely love things that make your car look amazing, whether we are installing paint protection film on your vehicle, or applying ceramic coating!

We use a multitude of awesome tools to make your installation even better. No PPF/clear bra installation will be completely free of debris or defects (anyone that says otherwise is not being truthful – read our other blogs to understand why), but we aim to be as close to 100% as possible.

For this, we turn to Mike Norng of Auto Film Mastery out of Houston, Texas. He makes an amazing product called the Mao Pod Station, which we utilize to the fullest. We also use his specific squeegees, tweezers, and syringes.

The primary idea of this pod station is it allows you to wheel around a pressurized canister filled with slip solution.

We learned a lot in our previous training and certification class. We furthered our knowledge by subscribing to Mike’s online training and reference library at

6. Auto / Mobile Detailing, Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating Supplies

For auto detailing and mobile detailing, however, we utilize other chemicals as well, such as Meguiar’s, P&S, and Americana Global.

Our primary go-to for compounding is Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Speed 110 compound, which has an incredibly fine finish – so much so that depending upon paint type and color, may not even need to be polished afterwards. For polishing we use either Meguiar’s Ultra Pro Finishing polish (M210) or the Pro version (M205), which has a slightly higher cutting ability than the M210. In either case – whether you’re getting a one, two, or three step correction with our ceramic coating package (included in all pricing), we have you covered! We determine what level of correction is needed once we get the vehicle inside of the shop and under our lighting.

After we compound/polish your vehicle but before we begin coating, we use Americana Global Surface Prep Spray (formerly “Stripper”).

For the majority of our interior cleaning we use P&S Interior Detailer and P&S Shape Up. We also stock plenty of all-purpose cleaner (APC), degreaser, tire shine, wheel cleaner, etc, to make sure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before it leaves!

7. Storage and Organization

We are serious about creating a clean and well-organized shop space for your vehicle. Many people remark about how clean and organized it is! We run a Roomba every night, mop and squeegee after every vehicle, we have an air filter and dehumidifier, and much more.

From a shelving and storage perspective, almost everything is mounted on the walls and off of the floors to prevent any unwanted damage or cluttered space. We use Husky heavy duty steel cabinets (the upgraded models) to store all of our tools, fluids, and even our Porter Cable compressor is stored in the large cabinet (see pictures below).

We use Pro Slat wall slats, which we have our collection of cordless Milwaukee tools (torque wrenches, drills, and more items needed for wheels-off packages and PPF installation and removal of badges and such) hanging from. On the other side we have our Rupes, Flex, Maxshine, and Bauer polishers hanging up as well as our paint protection film “weed board.” A weed board is a smooth glass or acrylic piece (ours is 96” by 72”) where you can put pieces of clear bra on prior to installing on the vehicle. Before you remove the backing paper, it sticks to the board when it’s wet. Our large board cuts back on debris in film, as there is less chance of debris falling down from the ceiling or dust in the air, because the board is vertical (versus having a large table on the ground). Because we are a Texas home business / small business, this also helps because it takes up less space, making more maneuver room for your vehicle to get ceramic coated or for us to lay film on.

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