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Aftercare Products

We are proud to partner with Americana Global and Ceramic Pro for all of your aftercare needs! We never recommend anything we don’t use ourselves, and you can bet we are always fully stocked. We used to keep products in the shop to sell to clients, but now we are able offer you 10% codes for life on Americana Global products. 

Please use code HHCC10 for a 10% off code at for as long as you need it and as many purchases as you need!

Rinseless Wash

This is probably our most-requested product. We do a lot of rinseless / waterless washing here at HHCC, and so we also use this as well. This is great for a multitude of things, but can be diluted one ounce to either 128 or 256 ounces, meaning your gallon purchase can net you 128-256 gallons of rinseless wash. 

Americana Global Rinseless Wash is a highly concentrated hybrid, eco-friendly, rinse-free solution that has been formulated for multiple cleaning and detailing tasks. Our rinseless car wash is formulated to work on multiple substrates – ranging from ceramic coated vehicles, non-coated paint, glass, trim, chrome, vinyl, paint protection film, and more.

This revolutionary formula encapsulates dirt and debris, effectively pulling it from the surface. The high lubricity of this eco-wash helps to improve clean-up capability, while also reducing the potential of scratching when removing. Finally, a proprietary blend of polymers and ceramic ingredients helps to provide a thin layer of protection on the surface – for improved depth, gloss, and shine.

Ceramic Aftercare Soap

Do you need a soap that can be diluted and serve as a way to decontaminate your ceramic coating we have installed, as well as clean your vehicle? This is your product. 

Americana Global Ceramic Aftercare Soap is the ultimate 2-in-1 automotive shampoo. Infused with advanced technology, the Americana Global Ceramic Maintenance Shampoo is a multipurpose car soap, used by professional detailers and DIY enthusiasts worldwide. It has been formulated to work with professional-grade nano ceramic coatings offered by Ceramic Pro and other coating companies that offer DIY ceramic coatings.

This luxury car shampoo is a pH neutral formulation with aggressive surfactants that remove contaminants that bond to ceramic coatings – leaving a crisp and clean surface. This makes it perfect for removing caked on debris or sticky substances – and allows the ceramic coating to maintain and showcase it’s hydrophobic and protective qualities.

Our highly concentrated ceramic soap can be used as a prep shampoo or decontamination car wash – prior to applying a paint protection coating, pre-wash in foam guns or foam cannons or maintenance with your two-bucket method car wash. The dilution ratio for this ceramic maintenance shampoo is 1:256.

Wheel and Tire Cleaner

This is our preferred cleaner for ceramic-coated and non-coated wheels alike, as well as cleaning off tires.

Americana Global’s Wheel & Tire Cleaner is the newest evolution of wheel and tire cleaners. The 2-in-1 cleaner is designed to streamline the process of wheel and tire detailing. Our Wheel & Tire Cleaner is a non-acid, high foaming formulation that cuts through brake dust, grime, corrosion, dirt, and old caked-on tire dressings. This product is safe on all tires, painted or powder-coated, clear coated, chrome, factory, and ceramic coated wheels.

Tire and Trim Conditioner

Want to shine up your tires? This is what we use in the shop, and now you can too! You can also use this on black trim pieces!

Americana Global Tire & Trim Conditioner is an innovative and eco-friendly protectant and shine enhancer. This water-based formulation has been engineered to produce a long-lasting finish with a deep luster and smooth shine. The unique color-matching technology allows the product to darken weather-damaged tires and trim, helping to restore plastic and rubber materials to a like-new condition. It is an easy to apply, quick-drying, and non-sling tire and trim conditioner.

Detailing Spray

Detailing spray is great for use as maintenance and can be used on any surface!

Americana Global Detail Spray is a ready-to-use waterless wash and detailing spray. Infused with a light amount of SiO2 and reduced solvents. Our detail spray can be used between maintenance washes or as a stand-alone product on vehicles that are not coated. It adds up to 2 months of hydrophobic protection while giving your vehicle’s paint a deep, rich shine and slickness. This product is non-abrasive and non-silicone. It is also perfect for spot washing or complete vehicle washing without water and safe on all coatings, vinyl, and paint protection film.

Ceramic glass cleaner

This is our go-to glass cleaner, and now it can be yours as well! Each of our Ceramic Pro packages come with all glass surfaces coated with Ceramic Pro Glass, but you can protect and extend the life with this!

Americana Global SiO2 Glass Cleaner is a revolutionary, advanced, non-streaking glass cleaner that removes contamination while leaving a protective coating in place. This window tint safe glass cleaner contains ZERO ammonia-based ingredients yet creates a powerful cleaning effect on your glass. It breaks through the toughest grime such as oil, dirt, fingerprints, and other environmental contaminants.

Infused with SiO2, Americana Global’s glass cleaner will add a lasting protective coating on your glass surface for months. It is safe to use on both interior and exterior glass surfaces as well as ceramic coated glass surfaces.

We always stock plenty of extra pink microfiber Ceramic Pro towels, so don’t forget to ask us to purchase extra, or to purchase the super plush microfiber drying towels, which we can easily get for you.


We are a Ceramic Pro certified installer! Ask us today about our Ceramic Pro packages with warranty and how our work will be associated with your vehicle on CarFax! Ceramic Pro offers six month (Sport), two year (Bronze), five year (Silver), and lifetime (Gold) warranties.

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