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Auto detailing digital media partnerships - Tesla Model S Plaid interior ceramic coating with SB3 Coatings - Serving the Killeen, TX area

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About Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings & Iffla Media

Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, LLC (HHCC)

HHCC is an auto detailing company specializing in ceramic coating, paint correction, and clear bra installation in Central Texas (one hour north of Austin). Primarily, we serve Copperas Cove, Killeen/Fort Hood, and Harker Heights.

In addition, Iffla Media is our in-house full-time media and production partner.

Together, HHCC and Iffla Media & our auto detailing digital media partners have created well-known quality detailing content, how-to videos, and product demonstrations. Proudly, we have worked alongside companies such as SB3 Coatings, Autofiber, and American Detailer Garage.

At this time, we are excited to take on more media opportunities, and working with companies to elevate their brand.

Matthew re-enacting a movie scene with a custom logo printed Autofiber swag back and SB3 Coatings ceramic coating - auto detailing digital media

Auto detailing digital media services team

Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings and Iffla Media filming a ceramic coating ad for the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area - auto detailing media

Matthew has been conducting paint correction for over 15 years, and Mike has been doing photography and DJing for over 10 years. Both of them have been teamed up together full-time for a year, filming auto detailing digital media content. Without a doubt, HHCC and Iffla Media have an extensive library of ceramic coating, paint correction, auto detailing, and clear bra/paint protection film/PPF media.

Previously, Matthew spent 22 years in the military training and leading soldiers, and is comfortable digesting (and then teaching) content and speaking in front of audiences. He served as a Human Intelligence Collector for 18 of the 22 years, and taught advanced collection techniques to thousands of soldiers over the span of four years. 

Importantly, Mike and Matthew are avid “car guys” – both owning many types of cars. Pictured is Matthew’s BMW i8, which has a full clear bra and ceramic coating. Also, he has owned multiple Corvettes, a Mustang, Camaro, CTS-V, and import cars. In addition, Mike specializes in restoring DSM cars such as the Eagle Talon/Mitsubishi Eclipse, and has experience with automotive mechanics/repair. Together, you know that at Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings you are getting two people that take vehicle protection and restoration seriously!

Digital media services - HHCC and Iffla Media

Auto detailing digital media content in the Killeen, TX area - Autofiber Amphibian drying towel with custom-printed HHCC logo towel, and SB3 Coatings ceramic coating

Auto detailing media clients and goals

Auto detailing digital media - autofiber towel on polaris RZR turbo R with industrial coating from SB3 Coatings

Despite being relatively new in the detailing world social circles, HHCC & Iffla Media are rapidly creating quality content for several major brands. Additionally, we intend to take on two to three more new major clients in the near future and continue expanding our portfolio.

Importantly, we simply love working together and creating quality, professional auto detailing media to improve your business!

Along with providing quality ceramic coating/PPF/paint correction photos and videos, we also want to ensure we are affordable to smaller companies and operations. Especially important is that we release videos and photos to our clients to use – we don’t charge ongoing commissions for usage.

See some of our auto detailing digital media videos and photos:

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