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harker heights ceramic coatings & the auto detailing industry

Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, or HHCC, is teamed up with Iffla Media. Both HHCC and Iffla Media principally serve the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Fort Hood/Harker Heights areas. Together, we provide stunning auto detailing industry videos and still images. Also, we partner with major auto detailing brands such as SB3 CoatingsAutofiber, and American Detailer Garage, providing quality content that can be used for their social media, websites, or YouTube. These major companies asked us to provide quality auto detailing, ceramic coating, clear bra, and paint correction media. If they have asked HHCC, why shouldn’t you? Click the buttons above to get started or continue reading.

Matthew Jones of Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings and Michael Iffla of Iffla Media - Providing Auto Detailing Media Services

we provide quality CLEAR BRA/PPF & ceramic coating content

SB3 Coatings ceramic coatings on the bumper of a Ford Raptor after an auto detail - Auto Detailing Media Services

Not every auto detailing shop, business, or manufacturer has a full-time videographer and the ability to film full-length videos, product shots, or general auto detailing media. Have you heard of Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, or Getty Images? We will provide auto detailing media directly to you instead! Also, we are only geared toward the auto detailing, ceramic coating, and clear bra industries. 

Do you need a shot of your ceramic coating in use? How about a how-to video using your paint correction products, such as polish, compound, or polishing pads? How about “b roll” video clips you can use to overlay videos in your clear bra/paint protection film ads or commercials? Or, if you have an idea we haven’t thought of – we can do that too!

our pledge to your auto detailing, ceramic coating, or clear bra brand

We will work on the media you asked for or our partnership with your auto detailing company until you are satisfied with the work. Iffla Media promises a fast turnaround time on production – typically 24-48 hours or less. We genuinely enjoy this work at HHCC & Iffla Media; we are both “car guys!” This way, you know that whatever ceramic coating, clear bra, or auto detailing video or photos you request will be shot and processed by two people that love and are passionate about what they do.

Furthermore, the auto detailing, ceramic coating, and clear bra media we provide are ALWAYS approved for commercial use. 

2022 gray C8 Corvette - spraying front bumper during clear bra install - HHCC Clear Bra/Paint Protection Film/Ceramic Coating in Copperas Cove, Killeen, and Harker Heights, TX

we provide ceramic coating, clear bra, & paint correction in the killeen area

2022 red C8 Corvette Stingray ceramic coating install - apply ceramic coating side of car with autofiber saver applicator - HHCC Ceramic Coating Services in the Central Texas area

Just because you are not located in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Fort Hood/Harker Heights areas doesn’t mean you cannot use our services. In fact, it’s better that you are elsewhere so our marketing does not overlap. At HHCC, we ensure that your auto detailing, ceramic coating, and clear bra media is precisely how you asked. The longer we work together (or, the more specific requests you ask for), the better!

Lastly, feel better knowing you support a small ceramic coating and clear bra business! We allow you to use our media for commercial use, unlike Adobe Stock or Shutterstock. Contact us today to know more about our digital media services!