Caring for ceramic coating and clear bra in Copperas Cove/Killeen/ Harker Heights!

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Caring for ceramic coating and clear bra goal:

Believe it or not, our goal at Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings is to help you with caring for ceramic coating/clear bra, so you don’t have to come back and have us fix issues! Our intent is to save you money and take care of your vehicle. Remember, I am a car guy first – so I want to see you be successful with your vehicle and investment, rather than come back for costly repairs. 

Check out this series of videos and instructions on how you can take care of your ceramic coating and clear bra, starting with the product video here! We will link all of the products we use in each step, or you can click the button above to go directly to the products page.

Dos and don'ts of caring for ceramic coating/clear bra:



Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX

The most important thing to remember when caring for ceramic coating is that every time you touch bare paint, you have a chance of scratching or swirling. This is less of an issue with clear bra/paint protection film/PPF, because most films are self-healing. While ceramic coating is a great product, it is not magic – your paint can still scratch. Another thing to remember, is always separate your towels and mitts. When caring for ceramic coating, you must remember not to mix wheel mitts and towels with paint towels. Even though your vehicle is ceramic coated, it can still get dirty enough to scratch other parts of your vehicle. Brake dust especially contains iron, which will scratch your paint severely. We do have ceramic coating for wheels, but that doesn’t change anything!

Using pH neutral soap when caring for ceramic coating/clear bra, using ADG Fuzion or SB3 Soap

pH Neutral Soap:

Why do we suggest using a pH neutral soap from SB3 Coatings or ADG Fuzion when caring for ceramic coating/clear bra? We use pH neutral soaps as they are the safest type of soap that works on your ceramic coating and clear bra/paint protection film/PPF. Ceramic coatings in particular can become “clogged” over time (reducing their hydrophobic properties), but pH neutral soap is the least likely to do that. It could be clogged if you notice that your coating is losing some hydrophobic properties. You can use ADG F-Bomb as a presoak as well as iron and fallout remover to unclog the coating before washing.

Every auto detail, ceramic coating, or clear bra/paint protection film/PPF job we do starts with a decontamination/wash, and potentially clay bar, iron and fallout remover, and/or paint correction/paint enhancement. Of course, this ensures the paint is in the best possible condition before we start our process. For this, we use an MTM Hydro foam cannon and mix 2oz (60ml) of SB3 Coatings pH neutral soap per container of water. Ensure that you fill the foam cannon with water FIRST, or else the suds will overflow out of the container, making a quick job messy and take much longer to fill.

Auto detailing foam cannon/two bucket process:

This is a very simple process, but we use these steps:

1. Fill the MTM Foam Cannon with water and then 2oz of SB3 Coatings pH neutral soap. We have a measuring cup to measure out the soap, but you can eyeball it, or make a mark on the foam cannon container.

2. Shake the container or foam cannon to mix the SB3 Coatings pH neutral soap (or American Detailer Garage Fuzion) and water.

3. Rinse the vehicle from top to bottom, side to side, or presoak the vehicle first with ADG Wipeout.

4. Adjust your spray pattern on your MTM Hydro foam cannon (or whatever brand you use).

5. Foam the vehicle using SB3 Coatings pH neutral soap or American Detailer Garage Fuzion.

6. Hand-wash the vehicle using an Autofiber (or similar) soft microfiber wash mitt, with minimal pressure necessary. Personally, I love the Zero Cuff Mitt from Autofiber. Again, wash top to bottom, side to side, so the suds from the SB3 Coatings soap does not carry dirt from the top down to an already-cleaned area. Do not use the same mitt you use on the paint, on the wheels.

7. Rinse the vehicle off, again going top to bottom, side to side.

8. Dry the vehicle using an Autofiber or similar drying towel, or let it air dry if you have an Adam’s Deionized Spotless water system like we do. This will be even easier when caring for a ceramic coating, as the water will come off easier due to hydrophobic properties. You can find our spot-free system here and our Autofiber Dreadnought drying towel, here.

Caring for ceramic coating on your windshield (inside/out):

Exterior glass car care:

One of the biggest issues people have when caring for their ceramic coating – even if it’s not ceramic coated – is windshields! For exterior glass ceramic coating, it should be super easy to clean! Bug guts should come off easily, and water should be repelled easily (hydrophobic). 

Interior windshield cleaning, streak-free (Products)

Interior windshields are the bane of many people’s existence when trying to conduct a car detail. There are a couple of tricks that we have up our sleeves that can result in streak-free windshields. One great product to use is American Detailer Garage Breeze, which is specifically made for glass surfaces. Alternative, and in this video, we use American Detailer Garage Wipeout, which also works excellent as a glass cleaner! We love American Detailer Garage products, because they’re designed for multiple purposes, reducing the amount of auto detailing chemicals you have sitting around for caring for ceramic coating. 

Most of the products we use cannot be found locally in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area, so we tend to order from Amazon, as it’s easy to keep track of purposes and re-order our auto detailing products.

When combined with American Detailer Garage products, our partners at Autofiber make excellent glass-cleaning towels. Our two go-to glass-cleaning towels for zero streaks are the Autofiber No Streak Freak and Autofiber Amphibian

Interior windshield cleaning, streak-free (Process)

Many people are concerned about water dripping between the front glass and dashboard with modern electronics. If you plan to use excess water, you should place a towel where the windshield meets the dashboard. 

We like to spray the windshield’s interior with American Detailer Garage Wipeout, use a squeegee, and follow up with a perfectly clean towel from Autofiber to wipe up the residue. Remember, one of the biggest issues with streaks on the windshield when caring for ceramic coating is usually caused by two things:

  1. Cleaning the exterior of the windshield or interior of the windshield in the heat/sun. Streak-free glass is best achieved by cleaning in the shade/cooler temperatures. So, don’t put this off until the end!
  2. Using a dirty towel or already used towel to wipe the glass, smearing around dirt continually.

Another tip is to clean the exterior ceramic-coated windshield one way (up/down, left/right), and clean the interior the opposite way. That way, you know if any remaining streaks are on the inside or outside.

Water spots on your vehicle? Why you get them, how to avoid them, & how to remove them!

Unfortunately, one of our clients’ biggest issues when caring for their ceramic coating is water spots. Water spots come from something called Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS. TDS as it relates to water spots is what “junk” or minerals are in the water, and when the water dissolves, it leaves behind a ring (water spot). A TDS of less than 20 is required for spot-free water (water that you don’t have to dry physically). 

If you want to find what your water is, you can use a TDS meter (we show you how to use that in this video). Also, you can check your city’s water quality report, which will tell you annually what the average TDS in the water was. You can bet your paycheck that no water in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area is going to have an average TDS of less than 20. You can find the 2021 water reports for Harker Heights here.

Unfortunately, neither Copperas Cove nor Killeen’s annual water quality report doesn’t mention TDS levels. That said, we promise it’s not less than 20. If you have well water, it’s going to be even worse. 

Your TDS level will often vary slightly, and will be the variable that determines how long your spot-free water system, such as the Adam’s system we have, lasts.

Removing water spots while caring for ceramic coating using a water spot remover

Have you ever found water spots on your vehicle after washing? Perhaps, in the morning after your sprinkler system has gone off and the sun dries out the water? If you catch it immediately, in the Texas sun, you can usually get them off pretty easily with vinegar or water. Although, any real amount of time, shy of polishing the paint, no real auto detailing/car detailing will get them out.

Clear bra/paint protection film/PPF or ceramic coating does NOT make the vehicle immune to water spots. In comes SB3 Coatings Destroy, which is a chemical used to break down leftover Total Dissolved Solids. 

Why do waterspots happen?

Typically we see waterspots when caring for ceramic coating when: 

– A vehicle is hit by sprinkler systems, which is usually unfiltered water

– Cars are left to air dry after rinsing off with tap water or using an automatic car wash (which we hope none of you are using!)

– Washing in direct sunlight when the water evaporates faster than the auto detailer (probably you!) can keep up with the washing/drying How can we prevent waterspots?

– Either adjust, pay to have someone adjust, or buy sprinkler heads that don’t hit your vehicles (sometimes harder than it seems, especially if it’s windy)

– Never let your car air dry…if the vehicle is drying during a detail too fast, do one panel at a time

– Try to avoid washing anything in direct sunlight, especially in Central Texas

How do you use SB3 Destroy (or another water spot remover) when caring for ceramic coating/clear bra?

How to use SB3 Coatings Destroy to remove waterspots:

– SB3 Coatings Destroy is not meant to be used in direct sunlight

– Destroy should not be used on raw aluminum, nor allowed to dry on glass

– Naturally, rinse off after finishing

1. Clean the affected area. We don’t want to rub in waterspots with dirt on the paint, which will scratch it and require a paint enhancement/paint correction to fix. 2

. Apply a small amount of SB3 Coatings Destroy onto a clean microfiber, and using as gentle pressure as possible, rub the affected area.

3. Wipe off excess product.

4. Rinse off the affected area once you are satisfied.

5. Dry the affected area. Never use SB3 Coatings Destroy as your go-to way to fix waterspots. Your first inclination should always be to fix the situation causing the water spots first, and use this only if necessary. Remember, that while safe for your paint and clear bra, with any chemical of this nature, you need to understand that it could shorten the longevity of the ceramic coating or clear bra if used excessively.

Bug gut removal the easy way when caring for ceramic coating:

If you want to remove bug guts when caring for your ceramic coating or clear bra/PPF/paint protection film vehicle, this is the way! P&S Bug Off melts bugs off your vehicle by using enzymes. Naturally, you shouldn’t use this chemical in direct sunlight. However, this is the best bug remover we have found for our ceramic coated/clear bra vehicles. 

One thing you’ll love to know, is that when caring for a ceramic coated vehicle, bug guts come off SO much easier! You may never need to use something like P&S Bug Off again, but it’s always good to have on hand, especially in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area in the summer.

It’s important to remove bugs and bird poop from your vehicle, so the acid doesn’t etch your paint. 

Learn why bird poop is bad for your car's paint!

Why is bird poop bad for your car’s paint? In short, birds have something called a cloaca. The cloaca mixes urine and feces into one mixture, which is highly acidic and can damage your paint. Believe it or not, it will damage your ceramic coating, and your PPF/clear bra/paint protection film. This is something to keep in mind, when caring for your ceramic coating or clear bra. Unfortunately, neither clear bra nor ceramic coating will stop this acidic bird poop from etching your paint. 

You might guess, then, that removing bird poop immediately is imperative. Having a ceramic coating on your vehicle will make the removal process much easier! 

The best wheel-cleaning tool we have ever used is right at your finger tips!

The Autofiber Barrel Blade is, by far, THE best wheel tool we have ever used to clean wheels! Our wheels are ceramic coated, so caring for that ceramic coating is super easy as it is. The Autofiber Barrel Blade makes it even EASIER by reaching small areas, reaching the barrels of the wheels. Amazingly, it also fits between most performance brake calipers and the wheel barrels! Did you know, we also offer a wheels-off ceramic coating as well?

We like to pair the Autofiber Barrel Blade with American Detailer Garage F-Bomb. Dilute ADG F-Bomb 10:1, soak the wheel, caliper, and wheel barrel (and tires). Then, agitate the wheel with the Autofiber Barrel Blade. 

Don't sleep on American Detailer Garage F-Bomb when caring for your ceramic coating!

Did we mention that we love American Detailer Garage F-Bomb?! One of the best things about ADG F-Bomb is that it has a soap base, which allows a bit of lubricity when using things like the Autofiber Barrel Blade we mentioned above, or a mitt. F-bomb is incredibly versatile and is a great way to pre-treat some of that stubborn dirt!

Hard-to-reach areas of your truck/SUV? Pick up the Autofiber Mitt on a Stick

Admittedly, I was skeptical when I first received this product from Autofiber. I thought to myself, I wouldn’t need this. However, let me tell you – this really shaves time off the time needed to run around a vehicle. In comes the Autofiber Mitt on a Stick. What’s awesome is, the Mitt on a Stick rotates and has soft areas that won’t damage the ceramic-coated or clear bra-covered paint. When caring for a ceramic coating, we always pick products that speed up the process. In my opinion, speeding up the process and being more efficient makes us more likely to care for our ceramic coating and clear bra/PPF/paint protection film in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area. All that construction dirt and grime from I-14/Central Texas Expressway really makes things difficult. Of course, efficiency will make us clean our cars more often, and safely. 

Cleaning and caring for the ceramic coating on your wheels?

Wheels, standard wash with foam cannon/hose/two buckets: Always wash and pre-rinse your wheels in the shade if possible using a 40 degree tip and staying about 2.5-3 feet away from the surface.

Work on wheels first – you’ll notice that the wheels should bead pretty well once they are ceramic coating, making your cleanup easier. We use American Detailer Garage F-bomb and the Autofiber Barrel Blade. Rub the wheel cleaner on the grit guard every approximately 1/3 of the wheel and do not mix that rinse bucket with other items that will touch the paint. Re-rinse the wheel again with a pressure washer.

Again, it should be easy because your wheel is now ceramic coated and you’re caring for a ceramic coating. Remember to keep items that come in contact with the wheel away from the paint, and separate the buckets, mitts, etc.

Because the wheel is ceramic coated, does not mean you won’t have brake dust, but it should be easier to clean off. In many cases you may not need to physically agitate the wheel because the ceramic coating makes it that much easier – if that’s the case, use the same concept with the wheels as you would the paint – the less touching the better.

Tire shine/tire trim/tire dressing with SB3 Coatings Tuxx

Are you looking for a new tire and trim dressing, and want to find a one-stop shop? Look no further than SB3 Coatings Tuxx. We use SB3 Coatings Tuxx on all of our tires, and we like it because we can dilute it to shiny, medium, or matte. For us, we prefer the matte/natural finish on our BMW i8, as we have never been a fan of shiny tires.

Also, if you are using anything like a specific wheel and tire cleaner, do NOT let it dry on paint (remember most wheels are painted), and do NOT use it in direct sunlight. Work one wheel at a time. You don’t have to clean the tires every single time you wash the car as a part of caring for ceramic coating, only as you notice they start to build up grime again, or if they start turning that reddish color.

The most important step of tire shine: tire cleaning/detailing!

Of course, the key to any tire dressing is to clean the tire first. Many times we neglect to clean our tires as owners more than we should. Of course, the dark color of the tire often hides that fact. If we don’t clean the tires themselves, we are just putting tire dressing onto dirt and grime. In that case, it doesn’t last very long at all. Certainly not as long as we wish it did, anyhow.

So what we need to do, is scrub the tire first. Even scrubbing the tire with a bristled brush when you are using SB3 Coatings pH neutral soap will help, but you can use wheel and tire cleaner, all-purpose cleaner (APC), and degreaser. Believe it or not, you can even use Dawn dish soap to clean it. As mentioned, we like American Detailer Garage F-Bomb for all-purpose cleaner for auto detailing.

We use a medium bristle brush we found, and spray with American Detailer Garage F-Bomb, and agitate. We then rinse and repeat until the suds are mainly white instead of dirty brown. Probably, you can find a brush locally in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area, but we bought ours from Amazon.

The Autofiber Tire Saver Applicator - the best tire shine applicator for caring for ceramic coating!

Then, once you have the tire and wheel clean and dry, dilute your SB3 Coatings Tuxx to whatever desired shine you want, using Tuxx straight for the greatest shine. 1:1 dilution for a medium gloss, and 1:3 for a matte/natural look. We love the natural look as we mentioned above, so 1:3 is our go-to. Due to the fact that the product is diluted further, it makes it a better bang for your buck.

Why do we like the Autofiber Tire Saver Applicator when caring for ceramic coating? Well, we don’t like to get our ceramic-coated wheels messy with tire shine. This applicator is a perfect size, even for thinner, low-profile tires. The stiff backing makes holding it easier and less messy compared to other tire shine applicators. Like all of the Autofiber Saver applicators, it has a barrier to prevent the product from soaking through.

Caring for ceramic coating with ceramic/SiO2 quick detailer - SB3 Coatings Maintain

Our SB3 Coatings Maintain quick detailer features (from

Just like other coatings, SB3 Coatings Maintain features:

• Ultra-Hydrophobic Coating

• Excellent Weather & UV Resistance

• Heavy Chemical Resistance

• Anti-Graffiti

• Corrosion & Oxidation Resistant

• High-Quality Gloss Finish

• Full Scratch Resistance

• Self-Cleaning Nanoceramic Formula

• Micro-marring & Etching Protection

Fortunately, SB3 Coatings created SB3 Maintain to ensure the end-user could easily take care of their vehicle between appointments with us at Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings. This is also super helpful if you live outside of the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Fort Hood/Harker Heights areas, such as Austin, and it’s not as easy to come up here to see us. Even if we were the ones that did your ceramic coating or clear bra/paint protection film/PPF work for you. The other great news is, it works not just on SB3 Coatings ceramic coatings, but any brand out there, making it a truly versatile auto detailing product for caring for your ceramic coating!

Caring for your new ceramic coating/clear bra/paint protection film/PPF

Maintaining/caring for your ceramic coating is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle, with or without clear bra. This brings up the aptly-named SB3 Coatings Maintain Ceramic Quick Detailer. Unfortunately, just like anything else, we still need to wash, maintain, and take care of our vehicle. Ceramic coating does not make our vehicle immune to dirt or other environmental damage. It definitely makes the process easier, but the vehicle is not invincible with a ceramic coating or clear bra/PPF/paint protection film.

Annual inspection/checkup for your ceramic coating

We typically like to see our clients once or twice per year to conduct a full decontamination wash with SB3 Coatings Decon (you can see our other video about this), re-apply a topper on the vehicle, such as SB3 Coatings Solo, and make sure everything is working as intended. In between seeing us but after receiving your initial ceramic coating, Maintain quick detailer/SiO2 detailer is a great consumer-available product to care for your ceramic coating.

Quick detailer usage steps:

The steps are quite simple: clean your vehicle like we have showed you in our aftercare series on YouTube, apply the product in a light mist directly to the surface, wipe with a plush microfiber towel, and switch to a second towel or different quadrant to buff off the remaining product. It’s really THAT easy to use SB3 Coatings Maintain. 

Conducting auto detailing with no hose or running water using waterless/rinseless wash!

Do you not have access to running water to care for your ceramic coating? Usually, this applies to our clients that might be military stationed on Fort Hood in the barracks, or in apartment complexes. Many apartment complexes in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights have no hose access, let alone pressure washers. Well, this video and section is for you! 

We will show you how to use American Detailer Garage Wipeout, Autofiber Double Flips, and Autofiber Dreadnought drying towels!