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Hello Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings family! On September 15th, 2021, Patricia and Matthew traveled from Austin, Texas, to Carlsbad, California to attend Ceramic Pro Kavaca Paint Protection Film (PPF) training and certification so HHCC can expand offerings to clients.

Here are some interesting facts and tidbits about Kavaca, and paint protection film in general, to help educate:

– Ceramic Pro Kavaca is self-healing, and does not require heat to do so. Many films on the market require hot water, or a certain temperature, or the sun, or healing with a heat gun – not Kavaca. Kavaca will even heal at room temperature. Matthew made a mistake today and accidentally scuffed the material inside the shop, and went to show the instructor, Chris, but it had already disappeared. This means that many more minor rock chips, scratches, etc will disappear. No protection is totally bullet-proof, but this film has a LOT of protection.

– Kavaca hides about 90% or more of scratches in the paint of your vehicle! This actually makes for a more inexpensive PPF installation because you are not paying to have paint correction done on those panels prior to us installing the PPF. Here are two videos we filmed today and uploaded to YouTube showing this exact phenomenon. The PPF has a nano layer that will fill in the scratches if they are not too deep or exaggerated.


– Kavaca PPF is extremely glossy (as you saw in the videos) and also has a very low if not undetectable amount of orange peel. Orange peel in paint and auto detailing terms is when the paint or substrate has the rippled appearance of an orange (fruit) rind. Many PPF have a somewhat higher level of orange peel present, while Ceramic Pro Kavaca does not. Kavaca also comes in a matte finish, if you are looking to make your paint a matte instead of glossy.

Patricia tidying up the installation of a plotter-cut front bumper.

– It is extremely hydrophobic by nature, meaning, it beads/repels water. To maximize this further, we can pair the PPF with a Ceramic Pro PPF/Vinyl ceramic coating, just like we would over paint. The Kavaca Paint Protection Film specific coating is formulated for specifically for vinyl and PPF. Kavaca also has ceramic-infused PPF that we are able to buy, but it does sacrifice a degree of the self-healing. So as of now, we prefer the self-healing with ceramic coating on top applied in the traditional way.

– “Kavaca” means armor in Sanskrit, and after what we have seen, it really will act as armor for your vehicle. The self-healing properties of this film are simply amazing. Even the ceramic-infused film, which has less self-healing, will still heal with a little bit of sunlight.

Matthew working on the installation of Ceramic Pro Kavaca ceramic-infused film on a Mercedes SUV hood.

Two Different Methods

– Paint protection film is installed in one of two ways: bulk (sometimes called “custom”) installation and plotter. Both methods have pros and cons, and some cars may have a combination of both ways on the same car. HHCC does have a Graphtec FC9000-160 plotter on order. The initial plotter was sent back because FedEx rammed it with a forklift while they were loading it on a truck (boo!), but it should be here shortly from California. Simply put, with bulk cutting you are simply putting a large piece of material over a panel, stretching and smoothing it, and then cutting it with a knife and folding the edges over the sides. With a plotter, the plotter will print out a section or panel specific to the vehicle you are working on. Some people thing that this means the edges are not all the way over and folded, but this is not the case on many areas of the car. The plotter cuts excess material used to fold over, and settings within the plotter software allow you to specify the overage amount. More intricate areas such as the front bumper we prefer to plot, while larger areas such as the hood are better off bulk cutting.

Above: Patricia works on smoothing out an edge of a bulk-cut hood installation on a Mercedes SUV.

– Kavaca film has a 12-year warranty. Click here to download the warranty documents from Ceramic Pro.


– Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings will be offering a bunch of different packages from Ceramic Pro to begin with our typical competitive pricing and high-quality auto detailing and other work. We look forward to continuing to serve the Copperas Cove, Killeen, Harker Heights, Belton, and Temple areas. We will not be doing PPF mobile, so you will have to get your vehicle to the shop in Harker Heights. That said, we can work on getting you a ride or finding a way to help with transportation. Here is our current pricing brochure, which includes our PPF packages:

Huge shout out to Ceramic Pro Americas and Adam Cote for hosting at his shop, Chris Sturdivant and Ryan Wild for answering a lot of PPF and general Ceramic Pro questions. 

Chris was a killer instructor, and thanks to Eddie Mac for the sales rep visit. Patricia Jones and I from Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings really enjoyed our time at Kavaca training in Carlsbad. We found the training to be pretty darn amazing. Even the catered food was great at breakfast and lunch. The learning environment was good and we learned to bulk cut and plotter install PPF. 

We’ve already been impressed with the professional Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings but some of the stuff that we thought might be gimmicky actually works (check out the videos of the PPF hiding the scratches). Considering we did our first and only PPF full front we think our Mercedes SUV turned out really good with a few minor things we would change on future paint protection film installations, which is a testament to the training provided. 

Above is a quick walkaround of our first vehicle.

We have three rolls of Kavaca at the shop already and plan to install on our shop vehicles on Sunday, the 19th. This was money well spent, and we got to enjoy a bit of San Diego and Carlsbad while here to boot. Nice meeting the other people as well at the training. Max of eight people per class, so we received a ton of hands-on PPF installation training. Edwin also gave a great overview of shop manager, which can be used to manage bookings, calendars, ceramic coating job break downs, quotes, and invoices, etc.


We are a Ceramic Pro certified installer! Ask us today about our Ceramic Pro packages with warranty and how our work will be associated with your vehicle on CarFax! Ceramic Pro offers six month (Sport), two year (Bronze), five year (Silver), and lifetime (Gold) warranties.

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