Do you still wax?

We don’t. We have ceramic coatings that aren’t much more money than a good sealant (most auto detailers do not wax, at least in the traditional sense that many people think about. The majority of the cost is tied up in labor. We can apply our one-year ceramic coating from SB3 Solo or Ceramic Pro Sport just about as fast as we can wax/use a sealant. That’s where a large part of the ceramic coating cost comes from. 

We never offer our clients something we don’t believe in. Since we believe in clear bra and ceramic coating, that is what we offer all of our clients! If your initial inclination is to wax, we totally understand!

Once we ceramic coat your vehicle, there is never a need for a wax again! Wax is an inferior product to ceramic coating. The general idea is the same – shine, ease of clean-up, etc. But they are chemically very different. 

You’ll want to avoid waxing, using spray wax, soaps with carnauba or other wax products infused within. It won’t HARM the ceramic coating, but it will – if you will – mask the superior qualities of the ceramic coating with an inferior wax/product.

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