Does my vehicle need to be parked in a garage after getting ceramic coating or clear bra?

Absolutely not. Unfortunately, our BMW i8 is almost always parked outside because our shop is too small for clients’ vehicles and our own personal vehicle. Many people are in similar situations. We have both full body clear bra/paint protection film installed on our car, as well as a ceramic coating from sb3.

Obviously, storing a vehicle in a garage out of the harmful UV rays of the sun, away from bird droppings and water spots, would be the best option. However, that is not an option for many of our clear bra/ceramic coating clients, and that is totally ok!

Clear bra is guaranteed to not yellow, fade, or crack for at least ten years, and installing a ceramic coating on top of it will only extend the life even further. Of course, allowing hard water spots and bird poop to cook in the Killeen/Central Texas sun is never going to be the right answer. 

But, if you clean your vehicle when you notice these hazards, and adjust your water sprinklers (if you do not have a water softener, reverse osmosis, or distilled water system) so they don’t spray the vehicle, there’s no reason you cannot keep it outside. Chances are, you will have traded or sold the vehicle long before that sun, even the Texas sun, damages the clear bra, and ceramic coating is easy enough to apply as needed.

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