This paint protection film (clear bra, PPF) package includes almost all exterior surfaces of your vehicle. This is a very labor-intensive job which includes removing door handles, all emblems, trim pieces, etc. It requires a large amount of material and many hours of labor, which is the reason for the expensive cost. 
Please visit our blog article here about the differences between ceramic coating and paint protection film.
(Optional) Trim Pillars Add-on- Our paint protection film (PPF, known as clear bra) will cover and prevent most scratches. The gloss black trim pillars on all vehicles are nearly impossible to keep scratch-free. We can protect them and keep them glossy with our PPF.  Each vehicle may be slightly different, and thus, prices may be slightly higher or lower. Each piece is custom cut by hand. Please contact us for an estimate.
Note: Contact us if the vehicle has been recently repainted or if it already has a ceramic coating, as this can complicate the process. Some vehicles will need to have badges/emblems removed to properly install the film, and some badges may be one time use only. 

We are a Ceramic Pro certified installer! Ask us today about our Ceramic Pro packages with warranty and how our work will be associated with your vehicle on CarFax! Ceramic Pro offers six month (Sport), two year (Bronze), five year (Silver), and lifetime (Gold) warranties.

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