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Benefits of Having Both Ceramic Coating and Clear Bra

What are the benefits of having both ceramic coating and clear bra at the same time?

Remember from other videos and questions and answers that clear bra is designed primarily for protection against rock chips, scratches, and other environmental damage, whereas the primary purpose of ceramic coating is ease of clean up with UV protection and very little protection. Also recall that clear bra manufacturers are generally making their clear bra / paint protection films hydrophobic – meaning, they repel water (similar to ceramic coatings).

So why do both?

It isn’t a sales pitch to get you to spend extra money on both clear bra and ceramic. There are two primary reasons we like both (and we have both on our car).

  1. At least at this point in clear bra / paint protection film technology, we still believe actual ceramic coating to be superior to just having the film for bug removal and dirt removal. We have seen and worked with many major brands, from Xpel, to Ceramic Pro, STEK, Legend, Global Films, Premium Shield, you name it. And most of us installers are still encouraging ceramic on top. When we first clear bra’d our vehicle during filming for Auto Film Mastery, we drove back from Houston to the Killeen/Fort Hood area, and still found it fairly difficult to remove bugs, even though the film was hydrophobic. The ceramic coating will also provide an added layer of protection against bird droppings (we discussed this in another article) and other hazards. 
  1. Most clear bra / paint protection film installations have at least SOME exposed seams. This is because most people are paying for patterned installations, which is really the industry standard for clear bra / PPF. There’s very little increased overall protection from a bulk or custom clear bra installation, but the cost and time required is much larger, and therefore the cost is much higher. We have a patterned installation on our own vehicle, and shy of a color change conversion or matte clear bra installation, we suggest the same for everyone. These edges and the very very thin layer of paint exposed will eventually collect dirt. Even if the clear bra is the best at repelling dirt, edges and exposed paint are not benefiting from that. Having a ceramic coating over top of the clear bra makes that cleanup on the edges easier, as well as the overall cleanup easier.

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