2020 Chevy Blazer ceramic coating

2020 Chevy Blazer Ceramic Coating PHOTO-8

When a satisfied client brought their second vehicle to us for treatment, we knew it was an opportunity to showcase our expertise once again. Having previously installed Paint Protection Film (PPF) and a ceramic coating on their striking 2024 Honda CRV Hybrid Sport Touring in a bold red, the client was now entrusting us with their 2020 Chevy Blazer. While this Chevy Blazer already boasted front-end PPF, it was in need of the ultimate shine and protection that only a ceramic coating can provide, making cleanup a breeze. This upgrade was especially crucial for a white vehicle, as it tends to accumulate dirt more visibly, particularly around the edges of PPF.

2020 Lincoln Continental Polishing and Ceramic Coating

2020 Lincoln Continental Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Black Photos_-9

Boy, have these Lincoln Continentals come a long way (in my humble opinion) in looks. This 2020 Lincoln Continental ceramic coating project came to us initially just as a ceramic coating. However, after careful review, the owner decided on a single-step paint correction to remove some faint swirl marks not from a car wash. We removed about 80% of the swirls and restored the gloss of this 2020 Lincoln continental to factory finish with just a single step. Even though this vehicle is black, we have ways to work a quality compound and polish into the process, often doing the work of a two-step in just a single-step paint correction.

2019 Chevy Camaro Polishing and Ceramic Coating

2019 Camaro RS Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Black Photos-12

Do you have a fun sports car you like to drive on the weekends? Our Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area client does! This 2019 Camaro RS paint correction project came to us to restore the black paint to pristine condition after a few years of daily driving!

2020 Chevy Silverado Polishing and Ceramic Coating

2023 Chevy Silverado Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating - Photos-3

Good pickups like this black 2020 Chevy Silverado paint correction project need good loving occasionally to clean up some driving swirls and scratches. Most of our paint correction and ceramic coating projects are typically black vehicles, as imperfections are usually most noticeable there. It’s totally normal for us to restore black vehicles, especially GM black vehicles, to their original shine with our paint correction and ceramic coating process.

2020 Toyota Supra PPF & Ceramic Coating

2020 Toyota Supra PPF and Ceramic Coating photos-12

Our Austin-area client with this 2020 Toyota Supra PPF project decided he needed a massive upgrade from the dealership-installed PPF/clear bra, which typically does not wrap edges and is usually a single 24″ strip across the hood. At a later time we will be replacing the front bumper dealer-installed PPF, as well. We topped off this 2020 Toyota Supra PPF project with a three year ceramic coating on all of the exterior surfaces, except for the wheels (which received a two year ceramic coating) and windshield (one year ceramic coating).

2020 BMW m850i PPF/clear bra & ceramic coating!

2020 BMW m850i White Clear Bra and Ceramic CoatingPhoto-4

Our Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area client got a new-to-her 2020 BMW m850i that needed PPF, and without hesitation, her family came to Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings. This BMW m850i needed 72″ PPF on the large, sweeping hood, which is prone to rock chips. Clear bra/PPF will protect against MOST rock chips and scratches, especially while commuting back and forth to work through all of the Central Texas construction areas! We always recommend bringing your car to us as soon as possible, before the highway does its damage!

2020 Chevy Camaro Paint Correction & Ceramic Coating Process!

2020 Chevy Camaro Black Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating - Photo-12

Our Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area client brought us his GM black 2020 Camaro for paint correction and ceramic coating. Why do we mention GM black? General Motors (GM) black is notorious in the auto detailing community, not just for the 2020 Camaro paint correction aspect, but just in general. Black GM paint tends to be softer, making final correction steps more difficult to complete. However, this 2020 Camaro Paint Correction was no issue for our 15+ years of paint correction experience.

2020 Nissan GTR – 50th Anniversary – Forged Carbon PPF & Track Pack!

2020 Nissan GTR White - Forged Carbon PPF - Photos-10

Are you in the market for custom PPF work like this 2020 Nissan GTR owner? Our Belton area client decided to put some pretty cool STEK forged carbon PPF on his 2020 Nissan GTR 50th Anniversary edition. Our custom PPF/clear bra options are still self-healing, and protect against rock chips & scratches just like our gloss options. While the “fashion” films, like the one we put on this 2020 Nissan GTR or the damascus pattern you saw us put on the Camaro, are far more expensive than traditional PPF…they combine the “fun” and “fashion” of vinyl, but with rock chip protection.

2020 Tesla Model Y – Ceramic Coating on Vinyl Wrap | Serving Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights

2020 Tesla Model Y - Prism Wrap - Ceramic Coating - Photos-7

Our Killeen-area client brought us their prism-colored vinyl wrapped 2020 Tesla Model Y to have ceramic coating installed, to make it easier to clean up. Ceramic coating will deepen the color of a vehicle, just like it did to this 2020 Tesla Model Y. Importantly, for this Tesla Model Y vinyl wrap, it will significantly increase the wrap’s life. Here in Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights, Tesla vinyl wraps last less time than they might in other parts of the country. The excessive sun can wear out the wrap and damage it, shortening its lifespan. A great vinyl wrap might still only last a few years here. However, ceramic coating and other protective coatings have UV protection in the formula. Since the UV rays are what damages the Tesla vinyl wraps, it’s helpful to get a ceramic or protective coating installed immediately.

Making this 2020 Jaguar F Pace easy-to-clean w/ paint correction & ceramic coating!

2020 Jaguar F Pace Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating - Photos-9

This Georgetown-area client brought us his 2020 Jaguar F-Pace SUV in gray to restore its paint to its original shine, make the wheels easier to clean and make the vehicle easier to clean going forward. We accomplished all of this by conducting a paint correction, ceramic coating, and wheels-off ceramic coating, which included detailing the wheels inside/out, and ceramic coating the brake calipers.