2020 Nissan GTR – 50th Anniversary – Forged Carbon PPF & Track Pack!

2020 Nissan GTR White - Forged Carbon PPF - Photos-10

Are you in the market for custom PPF work like this 2020 Nissan GTR owner? Our Belton area client decided to put some pretty cool STEK forged carbon PPF on his 2020 Nissan GTR 50th Anniversary edition. Our custom PPF/clear bra options are still self-healing, and protect against rock chips & scratches just like our gloss options. While the “fashion” films, like the one we put on this 2020 Nissan GTR or the damascus pattern you saw us put on the Camaro, are far more expensive than traditional PPF…they combine the “fun” and “fashion” of vinyl, but with rock chip protection.