Build the best auto detailing car blow dryer with a Milwaukee 2724-20 M18/18v leaf blower & review!

Today we are going to use a Milwaukee 2724-20 leaf blower, coupled with a few accessories that you can find on Etsy or Amazon, to build a powerful blow dryer for ceramic coated and/or clear bra/paint protection film/PPF vehicles that will make your cleanup 100% safer! You don’t have to be a detailer to use this! We show you where to get the items, how to put it together, and a few other cool tips and tricks on how to use it, and the results of the product! We also talk about how you can use your Makita, DeWalt, and other batteries with this blow dryer.

The best tips for streak free windshield cleaning we have to offer!

In this video we did for Autofiber, we show you that the process for streak free windhsield cleaning is not necessarily the towel or materials or chemicals used, but the process. While we demonstrate some of the chemicals and towels that make the process easier, the truth is, it’s as simple as the process for streak free windshield cleaning!

Do you need to polish before ceramic coating? What you need to know:

Something that’s very important to understand is that you don’t HAVE to polish before ceramic coating. We used to polish every single car regardless if the client wanted it or not. And then, with automative paint often as thin as ever, we realized that polishing every single car for clients that don’t need or want it, was actually doing more harm in the long run.

TO BE CLEAR: you should absolutely polish before ceramic coating IF you want the car to have the BEST shine out there. However, you should not polish before ceramic coating just because the internet says you should. Polishing is often incredibly important and almost necessary to remove oxidation or other imperfections (such as automatic car wash swirls or similar). We simply do not require it – many people do not see all of the imperfections.