Black 2023 Nissan Z – Clear Bra/PPF and Ceramic Coating!

2023 Nissan Z Black - PPF and Ceramic Coating - Photos-14

Another 2023 Nissan Z (in black) is in for PPF/clear bra, and ceramic coating. Every time we see these awesome cars, we are seriously impressed! Nissan did such a fantastic job remaking the 2023 Nissan Z, it needs everything you can throw at it in terms of protection – every one we have completed so far, has received both clear bra and ceramic coating. Clear bra/PPF will protect against most rock chips and scratches, while ceramic coating will provide UV protection but mainly makes cleaning easier!

2023 Nissan Z PPF & Ceramic Coating

2023 Nissan Z PPF, Ceramic Coating, Auto Detailing7

This Nissan and Datsun superfan is our repeat client – we have conducted paint correction and ceramic coating on her old 350Z – but this 2023 Nissan Z is a whole other animal! Look at this crazy blue! The official color is called Seiran Blue, and this 2023 Nissan Z also has a matching blue interior! Coupled with the black accent pieces, it’s a real looker!

Because she intends to keep this until the wheels fall off, she decided to get a track package clear bra/PPF, 10-year ceramic coating, interior ceramic coating, and wheels-off ceramic coating. We also conducted some paint correction on trouble areas on this 2023 Nissan Z.