What is self-healing clear bra?

Self-healing paint protection film?! What on earth!?! This isn’t a myth! This is true. You can see it in action here on our own BMW i8 where we scratch it, apply some heat, and the scratches go away. Now imagine the Texas heat!

How does this work? We have no idea, it must be magic! Seriously, if you look up self-healing clear bra, you’ll find analogies to ice cubes and such, but very little explanation of how it actually works chemically. So instead of us trying to explain, just watch the above video. 

It will not heal things that actually damage the clear bra or paint protection film, such as car damage from rock chips that actually make it through the film. 

So What Is The Benefit?

Well, in the course of owning your car you tend to scratch the paint. No one wants that, or else you wouldn’t be here reading about clear bra! Let’s say you do something by accident that would typically put scratches into the car’s paint (superficial scratches) – instead of being an eyesore, they would heal. 

You still cannot take the car through an automatic car wash, because the brushes can lift the edges and cause physical damage. However, areas on the car with clear bra (on our own car, it is the entire car) are easy to wipe without fear of scratching the paint. We love this feature! Despite being auto detailers, we still hate detailing our own vehicles! This makes it SO much faster to clean up. 

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