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Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings

Which package should I get?

We get this question a lot, as you might imagine. There seems to be a lot to choose from:

Sport – Six month warranty (usually lasts approximately 12 months, but only warrantied for six)
Bronze – Two year warranty
Silver – Five year warranty
Gold – Limited lifetime warranty

Here’s what we tell our prospective clients:

The packages generally don’t LOOK different, it’s just how long they last and what the warranty is good for.

ALL of our packages come with full paint correction as necessary, even the sport, although with a slight up charge as $250 for a ceramic coating and full protection is just too much money/labor lost for us. We want your vehicle to look as good as possible.

There are exceptions, like our legit race car teams that have literal rubber and brake dust being flung onto their cars event after event, but for most people it’s about these questions.

1.How long do you keep your cars for?
If you’re like me and never kept a car for more than five years, silver it is. My Corvette Stingray Z51 has a silver package on it, with wheel and caliper, and, leather and plastic on the interior. If you’re like my buddy with his Audi R8 who rotates cars annually, bronze might be more appropriate. If you’re the type that buys a car and drives it until the wheels fall off like my wife and her 2010 Corolla, gold is probably best for you with diligent maintenance and careful wash techniques. If you’re unsure about ceramic coatings and want to dip your feet in, regardless of length of ownership, sport is an option.

2. Do you feel that listing your car for sale with ceramic coating and paint correction listed in your region/type of car will bring you a return on investment? If so, consider one package up so that you can use it for the duration of ownership and then use the remainder as a selling point to the future owner. If you’re the kind of person that just trades cars into the dealer then this isn’t going to be worth it. Otherwise, it might be. I will say that every for sale post I see in the Corvette groups (especially in central Texas in the Killeen/Copperas Cove/Harker Heights/Temple/Austin areas) where the owner has ceramic coating and paint protection, especially if it’s from Ceramic Pro where it goes on the vehicle’s CarFax, they list this “modification” near the top.

At the end of the day we make more money from you when you buy a gold package vs the others. However, we also have to do a LOT more work. What we truly want is to feel like you got the RIGHT package, and weren’t upsold just for the sake of it. I would rather sell you a bronze and then a bronze on your next vehicle, and earn your trust and word of mouth, than make a bunch more on gold and never hear from you again.

Our clients are like friends and family – even if that seems cheesy – and we have clients that stop by just to talk when they are in the area. This is because our first focus is on building trust and a relationship, not making money.


We are a Ceramic Pro certified installer! Ask us today about our Ceramic Pro packages with warranty and how our work will be associated with your vehicle on CarFax! Ceramic Pro offers six month (Sport), two year (Bronze), five year (Silver), and lifetime (Gold) warranties.

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