How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last in Killeen Texas

How long does Ceramic Coating Last?

We have begun offering easy-to-understand ceramic coating packages in our shop. Previously we had Ceramic Pro Sport, Bronze, Silver, and Gold but now we are simply offering 1, 2, 5, and 10-year warranties. Our goal is to provide you the best possible paint correction / ceramic coating for your vehicle.

Every ceramic coating package includes all exterior surfaces to include glass and wheel faces ceramic coated. Interior coatings and barrels/full wheels-off ceramic coating packages are additional (see our pricing updates in the menu).

So you are probably thinking, “Which coating package should I choose?” If you have already read the differences between ceramic coating and paint protection film (clear bra) here, and now have either decided to get clear bra / PPF then ceramic, or just ceramic, let’s help you choose which length of time to get.

We stand behind our services 100%. In the past, we were focused on manufacturer warranty, but something we realized is that any issue that you may have, we want to be your point of contact to fix or top off. If you move away, we will link you up with an installer in your new location. We have never had a product “fail” since we started. Most ceramic coating and paint protection film / clear bra issues are installer error, or clogged ceramic from the elements. Once you see and experience the vehicle, we know the installer error is taken care of, but we want you to get taken care of at your next location to decontaminate the coating / top it off.


We are in the business of being honest with our clients. We are a small business that prefers personal relationships with our clients, and the way we accomplish it is to be fully transparent with the client. 

Do not purchase a ceramic coating for 10 years assuming it’s inherently better than the one year. The ceramic coatings will perform the same, regardless of how long they last. If you are the kind of person that rotates vehicles frequently, consider the two year or one year ceramic coating, and just see us for maintenance detail annually or semi-annually. 

If you are the kind of person that drives their car until the wheels fall off, then the 10 year might be your best option. 

Many Americans only keep their vehicle for four or less years. However, between the vehicle shortages due to chip shortages, COVID-19, etc, many people are keeping their vehicles longer. The average vehicle age is 12ish years. 

Our personal record for vehicle ownership is five years. As such, we never put more than a five year coating on our personal vehicle. 

Bottom line: save your money if it makes sense. We are going to install the best coating for you in each category. 

How can your Ceramic Pro package impact resale value with CarFax?

One Year PAckage

This is one of our go-to ceramic coatings. It’s actually, despite being the cheapest option, the best at repelling water spots (nothing is impenetrable) due to the liquid content / flexibility of this coating. 

Your wheels and glass surfaces will get standard treatment that you will see in every package. We love this package because it is great as a stand-alone service or as an annual/semi-annual top up. For this coating we use Ceramic Pro Sport. It is the best one-year coating on the market. That said, Ceramic Pro warranties the coating for six months, but typically it lasts a year. HHCC picks up the additional six months in house – that is how confident we are in this coating.

Multi-Year Packages

As a professional in this industry, we have access to so many different brands and as such, we choose the best for each length of time. We are certified System X, SB3, Ceramic Pro, and many other professional coatings. If a coating doesn’t perform, we don’t use it. If you aren’t happy with the coating, we will use something else. We aren’t locked into any one brand, and we are always looking out for your best interest.

So which ceramic coating will you choose?

Ultimately, it’s up to you. Our thickest coating is our 10-year coating, but at the end of the day, proper care of the vehicle and paint will determine the effectiveness of the coating more than the brand or length of time we warranty it for. Of course, if you have a specific brand you want, such as Ceramic Pro, we will absolutely accommodate. 


One thing we have done is streamline our process to ensure that you get your vehicle back as soon as possible, and so we only use single-layer systems unless specifically requested otherwise.

What level of paint correction will you perform?

Here is the reality – we can make your vehicle nearly perfect (for the right price) by polishing and compounding, or we can just prepare and ceramic coat, and just about everything in between. A lot of people assume that paint correction means rock chip repair or repainting / auto body work, but we don’t do that. 


When we first started we would try to make every single vehicle perfect. This is a pitfall of many auto detailing specialists, even from what we have seen in the Killeen/Copperas Cove/Harker Heights areas. 


When you conduct polishing, you are actually removing small amounts of the clear coat. This reduces the car’s paint longevity, diminishes the UV protection, and actually (after a while, not every polish) makes it easier to scratch. The top layer of the clear coat is the hardest. So as you remove more and more clearcoat, the vehicle actually becomes easier and easier to scratch. 


What we do at HHCC is balance your wants and needs with what is best for your paint. If you are fully satisfied with your paint and the way it looks in the sun or otherwise, DO NOT purchase paint correction. We can find a flaw in any paint job – it could be a 1990s Honda Civic, or it could be a 2022 Ferrari or Lamborghini – no car manufacturer is perfect, and most cars are washed at the dealer in the worst conditions. However – just because we can find flaws in the paint, doesn’t mean we need to correct it, if you are ok with it. Why compromise the clear coat for something that isn’t important to you? Many detailers want to correct every imperfection that the client doesn’t even notice, 99% of the world doesn’t notice, and they are actually causing more harm than good.


All that said we will ask you, “how do you feel about / what concerns do you have about your vehicle’s paint?” If you say you want swirls removed, we will remove them (as best as possible), if you just want it to be easier to clean, we got your back there, too! If your car is a total show car and you want us to spend extra time making it perfect, we can do that too, for a price. In that case, we recommend clear bra / paint protection film, for sure, as it scratch-proofs the vehicle (within reason), and the adhesive from the PPF fills in minor scratches. The money you spend having us dedicate additional time could be spent protecting against rock chips, scratching, etc.