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Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings is your premium ceramic coating installer in Harker Heights, TX. We use only ceramic coatings that have stood up to all of our torture tests on our own vehicles, which will last for years on yours. Our advanced shop in Central Texas specializes in everything from C8 Corvettes, to EVs, sports cars, and daily drivers. Matthew, the owner, is a “car guy” and proud sponsor of the Mid Texas and Elite Corvette Clubs. You only talk to Matthew from start to finish, frequently praised for good communication and creating a personalized service experience. HHCC only uses top-of-the-line products and equipment, and we are fully insured, licensed, and trained.


Watch our video demonstrating the best ceramic coating options for you! We have a fully equipped and insured shop located in Harker Heights. We have hundreds of five-star Google reviews from all over the Killeen / Copperas Cove / Harker Heights and surrounding areas. See why Central Texas thinks we are the best ceramic coating installers! Contact us today!




At HHCC, we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction above all else. Our goal is ALWAYS to save clients money, frustration, and time. From personalized solutions to high-quality aftercare support, we’re here to exceed your expectations. Our truly satisfying customer service brings us hundreds of 5-star Google reviews from the Harker Heights/Killeen/Copperas Cove and surrounding areas. There is a reason we won Best Auto Detailing in Best of Central Texas 2023 and Killeen Community Votes 2023! Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings is also a proud member of the International Detailing Association!

The most technologically advanced ceramic coating auto spa in the Killeen and Central Texas area, powered by 55 solar panels, incorporating cutting edge equipment designed to provide the best ceramic coating and paint protection services possible. Don’t believe us? Schedule a visit and be prepared to be blown away by our equipment, organization, and cleanliness – nothing else like it in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area!

We provide professional car protection services in the Harker Heights area using the latest solutions, such as high-quality ceramic coating. Our innovative products are designed to create a sacrificial barrier against harsh weather conditions and maintain the long-lasting shine of your car. Rely on us to provide superior protection to your vehicle, keeping it aesthetically pleasing with advanced ceramic coating technology.




 Ceramic coatings enhance car finish, repel water, and protect from UV rays. They make detailing easier, and our advanced and professional preparation process is superior to coatings done at home, ensuring it lasts for the maximum time possible. You can get professional services and aftercare instructions from our HHCC YouTube channel.

Our professional ceramic coating services in Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights make keeping your vehicle clean much easier. We offer high quality, insurance coverage, and a climate-controlled shop. Plus, our YouTube channel has FREE aftercare tips.


PPF (paint protection film) or clear bra is the best choice to protect your car from rock chips and scratches. PPF is a flexible, self-healing (minor scratches heal with heat) product that is almost invisible on your surfaces. PPF is best to install on new cars before they begin to accumulate too many chips.

At HHCC, we offer gloss (transparent) and color / fashion PPF options (black, carbon fiber, matte). PPF can be combined with ceramic coating for easier cleaning and less dirt buildup. Let us help protect your car today by clicking the button below for more info!



Our professional paint correction/polishing services (sometimes known as buffing, cutting and buffing, or paint enhancement) can give your car a new paint job look by removing scratches, oxidation, faded paint, and swirls. Get rid of those automatic car wash swirls and never look back!

We offer two levels of service depending on your needs, and you can check out our YouTube channel for examples of our work. So, are you ready to enhance the shine of your paint and improve your car’s finish? Click the button below for more information!


Auto detailing (or car detailing) at HHCC is the process of cleaning every bit of your vehicle’s exterior (and interior). Therefore, wheels, wheel wells, door jambs, carpets, HVAC vents, you name it! HHCC also offers add-on engine bay detailing / cleaning, high-quality ceramic coating, and paint correction / polishing services.

We can also perform a clay bar service to remove contaminants (as needed). Our team uses an iron and fallout remover to ensure an immaculate finish to eliminate even the smallest iron deposits.


How long do Ceramic Coating packages last?

Our most popular ceramic coating packages are our three-year and five-year ceramic coatings! Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings in Harker Heights, TX, specializes in Ceramic Coating wheels, and can coat brake calipers when combined with our wheels-off package! Easily add to our already awesome ceramic coating packages wheel faces (using our high-temperature formula) and windshields (superior to well-known options such as Rain X)! This is in addition to the coated painted surfaces, plastic, and metal exterior surfaces. However, ceramic coating does not protect against rock chips or scratches (for rock chip protection, you need the best PPF / clear bra / paint protection film). So, you can’t wait to see the hydrophobic properties of our professionally applied coating? Contact us now to make auto detailing much easier!

At HHCC, we believe in attention to detail and a tailored, well-communicated, and friendly working relationship with our clients. To us, you are not just a business transaction. Our professional ceramic coating services not only maintain your car’s shine but also shield it from the elements. Ready to protect your vehicle with HHCC? Contact us at 254-550-4142 or visit us at 1206 Stonewall Ridge in Harker Heights, TX 76548, to schedule your appointment!

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