Our Austin-client came to Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings with FIVE vehicles to work on clear bra and ceramic coating, with this being in the middle of that large job! Att HHCC, we try to accommodate all of our clients, and this was no different. Due to the fact that our client lives in Austin but works on Fort Hood/Killeen, we teamed up with Austin Auto Spa in Austin to borrow some space to install clear bra and ceramic coating. You maybe have seen Justin from Austin Auto Spa in our space, as well! We believe in working together, not in competition. This 2014 Porsche Boxster S was one of the older vehicles we have every installed clear bra/paint protection film/PPF on. Typically, clear bra becomes difficult to install even on what most of us consider new vehicles, simply because, as rock chips accumulate, they look worse under the film as time goes on.

Somehow, this Boxster S managed to escape the brunt of that issue, and we were able to install our clear bra as well as an SB3 Coatings five-year ceramic coating on the paint protection film surfaces, as well as on the painted surfaces. We also installed a two-year ceramic coating on the wheel faces (also from SB3 Coatings), and a one-year ceramic coating on the windshield! Thank you to our client for bringing us so much business!


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Matthew laying clear bra/paint protection film on a blue Mazda CX5 hood

About our clear bra/paint protection films:

For this vehicle, we used Legend Paint Protection Films. We talked a lot in a FAQ article about what the major differences are between clear bra/paint protection film/PPF companies, if any, between major film manufacturers like Xpel, SunTek, Eastman, Llumar, 3M,, STEK, Flexishield, Global, Legend and more. The key takeaway is that the primary differences are in the properties of the adhesive, which installers have to deal with, but generally, don’t affect anything the client sees.

People frequently ask about Xpel clear bra/paint protection film, and if Legend PPF compares to Xpel at all. A lot of people use Xpel to mean clear bra, because Xpel is one of the most popular brands. We also discuss Xpel and if it’s the same as clear bra in this article.

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Matthew applying SB3 Coatings industrial ceramic coating to an Autofiber Saver Applicator pad prior to installing on a Polaris RZR Turbo R Ultimate

About our ceramic coating offerings:

SB3 Coatings Solo is a one-year ceramic coating

SB3 Coatings Omega is a two-year ceramic coating

SB3 Coatings Thirty3 is a three-year ceramic coating

SB3 Coatings Alpha is a five-year coating, similar to other major brands’ five-year ceramic coating packages, similar to 9H

SB3 Coatings Trinity is a seven-year coating

SB3 Coatings Vortex is a two-year ceramic coating for wheels and calipers

SB3 Coatings Optic is a one-year ceramic coating similar to glass ceramic coatings on the market, and is used on your windshield/glass surfaces

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