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“The service provided far exceeded my expectations from the beginning to end. I took my Kia Telluride to Matt for a ceramic coating and was extremely happy with the results. What I was most impressed with is the professionalism. Matt took the time to explain the details of the ceramic process and differences in the packages. He is very honest in his assessment of the vehicles paint condition and did not try to up sale me on the packages. He kept me updated on each phase of the process with pictures along the way. Once I picked up my vehicle he did a good job of explaining and demonstrating how to care for a ceramic coated vehicle. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting their car/truck ceramic coated or detailed.”

Chevy Silverado Five Year Ceramic Coating & Paint Correction

This 2020 Silver Chevy Silverado, like the 2018 Dodge RAM 1500 Rebel we showed you in another video/post, came in for a five year SB3 ceramic coating and some minor paint enhancement. Both vehicles are used for some off-road use – hunting, fishing, etc around the Killeen/Fort Hood/Copperas Cove/Belton/Harker Heights areas. As such, they’re bound to get a little scuffed up, so we took care of some minor issues with polishing on both of them.

We started off by doing an auto detail using P&S Bug Off to get all the stubborn bugs off, then a foam cannon wash and bath using spot free water. 

Unlike the Dodge RAM Rebel, which needed SB3 Coatings Trim ceramic coating and restoration, the Chevy Silverado was still very much in good condition (with respect to the trim). We still put a five year SB3 Coatings Alpha ceramic coating on the trim along with the paint, ceramic coating on the headlights, metal, and other areas. We used SB3 Coatings Optic one year ceramic coating on the windshield (ceramic coatings for windshields are almost always a one year warranty, as the wiper blades will rub against it faster than you would rub off ceramic coating on paint or wheels), and SB3 Coatings Vortex two year coating on the wheels (ceramic coatings for wheels are usually less, as even though they are very durable, brake dust and other contaminants can eat away at almost any chemical). 

The clients were so stoked and hoping they don’t have the same issues with bugs sticking everywhere that they used to now that the surfaces are ceramic coated!

Read more about clear bra/paint protection film: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/clear-bra/ 

Read more about ceramic coating: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/ceramic-coating/

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Ceramic Coating Choices

*Note: SB3 Coatings (sb3coating.com) are great coatings, and are similar to other offerings we have had in the past. You may be more familiar with other brands’ offerings, so here is a quick reference to help you understand our transition.

 – SB3 Coatings Solo is similar to the Competitors Sport package (although SB3 Solo has a one-year warranty whereas Competitors Sport has a six-month warranty)

– Our SB3 Coatings Omega is similar to our Competitor’s Bronze (Competitor’s Top Coat) two-year coating

– SB3 Coatings Thirty3 is a three-year ceramic coating, which is a warranty period we have not had in the past.

– Our SB3 Coatings Alpha is a five-year coating. similar to the Competitor’s Silver (five-year) package. This uses Competitors 9H (one layer) and Competitors Top Coat (one layer). SB3 Coatings Alpha utilizes a single coating system. This helps us get your vehicle back to you faster without sacrificing quality.

– SB3 Coatings Trinity is a seven-year coating. We did not offer this previously with Competitors.

– Our SB3 Coatings Vortex is a two-year ceramic coating similar to Competitors Wheel & Caliper or Competitors 9H (when used on wheels).

– SB3 Coatings Optic is a one-year ceramic coating. This is similar to Competitor’s Glass and is used on your windshield/glass surfaces.

We have access to many brands of ceramic coatings. We always choose what is best for the client in their particular situation. 


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