Our friends at Hammerdown Motorsports in Leander, Texas (near Austin, TX), Detail Driven Transporters, Bouley Detailing (Houston, Texas), and HHCC partnered up for this amazing project. Jackson (Bouley Detailing) and Matthew went to clear bra (PPF, paint protection film) training together some time ago, and have been working together on larger clear bra projects together. Detail Driven Transporters provided the enclosed trailer transportation for us round trip for this job from Leander up to the Killeen/Harker Heights area. Hammerdown Motorsports is a high-end performance shop serving the greater Austin area. We proudly present this 2022 BMW M8 Full Body Clear Bra Installation!

Over several days, we installed a full body (meaning, almost all painted surfaces) clear bra on this gorgeous, brand new, 2022 M8 Competition, which still sported the temp tags. We then finished it up with a five-year ceramic coating to make cleanup easier. This is the absolute best way to get your paint protection film installed – almost straight from the factory. With the construction on I-35 and other roads in Texas, coupled with Texas’ higher speed limits (vehicles kicking up debris or trucks dropping debris off the back and higher velocities), as well as the aggressive sporty stance of the M8 Competition, this was a no-brainer.

The 625 horsepower coupe with its Steptronic transmission is surely a blast to drive. While we didn’t test-drive our client’s car (and never do), it sure did sound very throaty and mean when we turned it on to move it!

Despite having a very complicated back/trunk pattern in our system, our Graphtec 9000 clear bra plotter handled the job well, and after some puzzle-solving, we were able to get it to work without any disassembly. Some installers have reported that removing BMW Competition spoilers from deck lids has lifted or chipped paint due to some of the construction being done with glue as opposed to tape. We opted to pattern around the spoiler to avoid any issues. With the massive amount of supply chain issues out there right now, the last thing we want to do is break OEM parts that may be on backorder from BMW forever. 

We have A True PAssion For our Work........

Another great choice was to ceramic coat the vehicle. Ceramic coating a vehicle after a clear bra installation is a good idea, as the ceramic gets into crevices and makes edges and other crevices easier to clean up. All of our PPF is mostly hydrophobic (meaning, it repels water similarly to ceramic coatings), but where the PPF ends in those small strips makes ceramic coating a smart move, especially on a white vehicle.

This 2022 BMW M8 with Full Body Clear Bra Installation will be back to Hammerdown Motorsports in Leander at a later date for a ton of performance upgrades. The owner will surely be taking this vehicle on the track, and the clear bra should really reduce the amount of debris that damages the paint.