Premium Auto Detailing in Harker Heights TX

Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX

At Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, we don’t just install clear bra, ceramic coatings, and conduct paint enhancement/paint correction. We take the same care of your vehicle when we do auto detailing Harker Heights TX service as any of our other signature services. Much like our ceramic coating and clear bra services, we only detail one vehicle at a time and keep you informed the entire time. HHCC treats your vehicle, no matter the type, like the most important item in our shop at that time – because it is.

What is the difference between auto detailing and car washing?

There is a big difference between auto detailing/car detailing and car washing. Here at Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings you will see a massive difference between the two! At HHCC, we don’t offer “car washing” – only car detailing/auto detailing. Car washing is a service where a vehicle is cleaned using specialized equipment, such as high-pressure water jets and brushes. Maybe, you have seen our videos and articles about why this is bad for your paint. The goal of a car wash is to remove dirt and grime from the exterior of a vehicle. Car washes can be self-service, where the customer washes the vehicle themselves using equipment and products provided by the car wash, or they can be full-service, where the car wash employees do the washing and drying.

Of course, we never recommend using one of the many automatic/automated car washes in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area. These automatic car wash tunnels, such as Mister Car Wash, Galaxy Car Wash, or Today’s Car Wash have attractive monthly plans, but they will cost you thousands of dollars in damage in the long run.

Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX

In general, a car wash is a more basic service that focuses on cleaning the exterior of the vehicle, while an auto detail/car detail is a more comprehensive service that includes both interior and exterior cleaning, as well as other detailing tasks like polishing and a ceramic coating (if desired). Instead of a basic car wash, we are cleaning door jambs, door hinges, cup holders, seat rails, under seats – you name it! Fortunately, this is what makes our auto detailing Harker Heights TX service in Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights the best!

What is included in our Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX service?

Exterior Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX

Interior Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX

Exterior Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX (in depth):

Your vehicle’s auto detailing Harker Heights TX spa day begins by rinsing the car with spot-free deionized water. Believe it or not, this allows us to let the vehicle air dry if we desire while we work on the rest of your vehicle. Next, we use a foam cannon to foam/pre-soak your vehicle and hand wash it with a two-bucket method. This wash includes safe but very effective bug and tar removal chemicals and iron decontamination. Then, we hand-dry your vehicle, or blow-dry your vehicle, depending on if your car has a ceramic coating, clear bra, or both. As we mentioned, we can also let it air dry due to spot-free water. After, we clean your wheels, wheel wells, and wheel barrels! We can also add a ceramic coating package if you opt for our add-ons or upgrades. All of our ceramic coating packages include this full exterior auto detail.

Interior Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX (in depth):

Moving on from the exterior, we aim to take just as much care with your interior. “No stone left unturned” is our motto – we will clean everything from your door hinges (you won’t get this from an auto car wash!), to body panel crevices, to typical stain-removal and shampoo (extractions).

Then, we vacuum and blow out crevices, such as seat rails, seat crevices (ok, be honest, how many fries have you dropped in there since your last auto detail/car wash?), door pockets, and vents.

Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings will clean the interior surfaces of your glass, include ozone treatment for smells (as needed), and do everything you would expect from auto detailing – wiping, conditioning, cleaning, and detailing every interior surface.

We can even remove excessive pet hair with our special tools. 

Do you wax or add sealant as part of auto detailing Harker Heights TX service?

You might imagine, given our name, that our focus is on ceramic coatings. While we conduct traditional auto detailing Harker Heights TX service, our primary focus is ceramic coatings, clear bra/paint protection film/PPF, and paint correction. Of course, we only install and use products that we fully believe in. And, naturally, we believe in ceramic coating. We encourage you to add ceramic coating rather than waxes or sealants to your auto detailing in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area. 

This is because waxes and sealants are a little more outdated than ceramic coating. Therefore, we encourage ceramic coating instead. Our one-year ceramic coating option with no wheel faces and no glass surfaces is $350 and lasts an entire year. This is our most-selected ceramic coating option when combined with interior/exterior auto detailing Harker Heights TX service. 

Can you conduct an interior ceramic coating to make future interior auto detailing Harker Heights TX service easier?

Interior ceramic coating combined with auto detailing Harker Heights TX service is a very popular option. The reason interior ceramic coating is so popular is that it provides UV protection, and most importantly – stain resistance. Are you a family with kids that are always spilling things and staining fabric and leather? Well, ceramic coating makes future interior auto detailing Harker Heights TX service so much easier. 

Interior ceramic coating is also great for lighter-colored vehicle interiors such as the white vegan leather on this Tesla Model S Plaid in the video, or the cream-colored leather in our BMW i8. Our hands and arms naturally get these areas dirty, including steering wheels and arm rests. Ceramic coating after auto detailing is going to make that cleanup THAT much easier. 

Would you like us to conduct paint correction/polishing to enhance shine even more after your auto detailing Harker Heights TX service?

Are you satisfied with the way your paint looks? Or, is it swirled from car washing and/or does it look bad in the sun? Did the car dealership wash the car improperly before you even took delivery? We have a solution for you! Regularly, at HHCC, we polish vehicles back to their original (or better) shine! When your paint gets swirled enough, it will even appear to be a different color (especially if it’s dark in color)!

This is why many people choose to have us conduct a paint correction and ceramic coating in conjunction with one another!

At Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, we have several options for polishing, ranging from $500 to $1000, depending upon the work’s complexity and desired perfection level you want to achieve! 

How much easier is it to conduct an auto detail after ceramic coating?

You won’t believe how easy it is! Here’s just one example of a Ford Raptor we ceramic coated and then conducted a full auto detailing Harker Heights TX service when they returned from an off-road trip! Why are we talking about ceramic coating on our auto detailing page? I will tell you – because most of the time we hired to conduct auto detailing Harker Heights TX service because detailing is a time-consuming process. When processes are time-consuming, we tend to let them slide or ignore them. Believe it or not, we hate auto detailing as well on our own vehicles! That’s the reason we started conducting ceramic coatings – we wanted to spend time with our family and not spend so much time cleaning vehicles!

Even though Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights is littered with automated car washes like Mister Car Wash, Today’s Car Wash, and Galaxy Car Wash, we refuse to go to those!

Do you conduct engine bay cleaning as part of auto detailing Harker Heights TX service?

We absolutely have the ability to detail your engine bay for an additional charge ($100). Auto detailing an engine bay is something that requires an expert so that nothing is damaged by water! Afterward, we also use American Detailer Garage Shield to try to prevent future dust from settling. Additionally, we can ceramic coat parts of your engine bay, even the higher temperature parts. Ceramic coating in the engine bay makes future auto detailing/car detailing even easier, just like some of the other areas!

Our Auto Detailing Harker Heights TX services pricing:

Auto Detailing Price List in Harker Heights TX

why choose Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings to install your ceramic coating?

We have an amazing little shop.

It might be small, but it is incredibly clean, and organized, and has all of the tools we need to succeed to create an amazing clear bra or ceramic coating installation on your vehicle. The entire shop is filled with top-of-the-line equipment and materials, with no expenses spared. You will find brands such as Flex, Meguiar’s, Legend, STEK, SB3, System X, Lake Country, Autofiber, ScanGrip, Americana Global (owned by Ceramic Pro), P&S, and much more. 

Insured, registered, certified, and protected.

 From the moment your vehicle gets here, we have you covered under our insurance. And that goes for driving your vehicle from the Austin area up to the Killeen area (we have delivered vehicles from Copperas Cove to Temple, and beyond). Also, just having it at our shop in Harker Heights.

Additionally, the City of Harker Heights granted us permission to operate our home business, something some small businesses lack. 

Our shop is protected 24/7 by video recordings from multiple angles, both inside and out, stored on a hard drive and in the cloud.

trained. certified.

HHCC has received certifications from many different professional brands. We started with Ceramic Pro ceramic coatings and eventually attended Ceramic Pro Kavaca Paint Protection Film (clear bra) training in San Diego, California. Because we are no longer with Ceramic Pro, we have since added many other brands. From Legend Paint Protection Films, to Global Films, Llumar, and STEK clear bra/paint protection film/PPF.

And, System X and SB3 ceramic coatings, amongst others. We have completed advanced training with Auto Film Mastery in Houston, Texas, and attended several of their workshops. You may know, we maintain professional relationships with many ceramic coating and paint protection film/clear bra manufacturers within the industry. We regularly consult with actual former product developers from Meguiar’s compounds and polishes. This allows us to stay abreast on paint enhancement/paint correction topics.

dedicated to your satisfaction.

Due to the fact that we are a small shop, our attention is always focused on only your vehicle. We are owner-operated, as well. There are many shops that have many good clear bra installers, but there are also shops where sometimes the clear bra installer working on your car might be hit or miss. We are proud of the fact that we amassed so many reviews! All for auto detailing, paint correction/paint enhancement, ceramic coating, and clear bra/paint protection film. And, in such a short period of time!

Your car doesn't disappear into a black hole.

With Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, we remain in constant communication with you with pictures and video of the various steps along the way. We are able to accomplish this without sacrificing quality of work. This is because we don’t have a ton of vehicles lined up getting clear bra or ceramic coating behind you – only one at a time. We adopted this method of communication after experiencing so many personal situations with our own cars. Where you drop your car off, and it just shows up done and they call you. If you like that, we will absolutely abide by that method! But, in our experience, you’re spending a lot of money and would like to know that your car is being cared for, and where we are in the process. You should never have to call to ask for an update!

We are Texans, and we are here to stay.

We know that the Killeen/Fort Hood/Copperas Cove/Harker Heights areas are heavily in flux with military coming and going. However, this was our final duty station after 22 years, and we intend to stay here for life. Some things we have done are, we have participated in fundraising events for the Killeen Police Department, we try to raise money for pet adoption centers in town (Humane Heroes in Killeen or the Harker Heights Pet Adoption Center). You can choose between so many options to have your vehicle get clear bra/paint protection film or ceramic coating, and what makes us different is we treat you like family. Contact us today and learn more about our services!

See our paint correction and ceramic coating work in the playlist below!