Build an auto detailing car blow dryer video in Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights with a Milwaukee 2724

Perfect auto detailing tool for your arsenal when your car is ceramic coated or has our Autobahn Incognito PPF (which is extremely hydrophobic)!

Today we are going build a auto detailing car blow dryer using a Milwaukee 2724-20 leaf blower, coupled with a few accessories that you can find on Etsy or Amazon, to build a powerful blow dryer for ceramic coated and/or clear bra/paint protection film/PPF vehicles that will make your cleanup 100% safer! You don’t have to be a detailer to use this! We show you where to get the items, how to put it together, and a few other cool tips and tricks on how to use it, and the results of the product! We also talk about how you can use your Makita, DeWalt, and other batteries with this blow dryer.

This is what you need:

Milwaukee 18v/M18 2724-20 leaf blower (tool only): https://amzn.to/3wqV2T6

Milwaukee 18v batteries: https://amzn.to/3R5DzHB

Stubby tip: https://amzn.to/3AH2sEi

Flat tip nozzle: https://amzn.to/3QO88lu

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Auto detailing car blow dryer summary:

In this video, Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings introduces the Milwaukee 2724-20, an 18-volt cordless leaf blower, and shares its application in automotive detailing. The Milwaukee 2724-20 leaf blower is specifically highlighted for its effectiveness in drying cars as an auto detailing car blow dryer, especially those with ceramic coatings or clear bra paint protection film.

Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings mentions that the leaf blower has two settings, “rabbit” and “turtle,” which control its power. For ceramic-coated cars, the leaf blower is a valuable tool for drying as it helps prevent water spots and minimizes contact with the vehicle’s paint, reducing the risk of scratches.

The video also discusses the accessories used with the leaf blower. Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings mentions 3D-printed nozzles available on Etsy, including a short tip and a flat tip, which can be used to concentrate and direct the air for more efficient drying. The “stubby” tip is recommended as it makes maneuvering around the vehicle easier.

The video includes a practical demonstration of the leaf blower’s effectiveness in drying a ceramic-coated vehicle’s hood. Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings emphasizes the importance of using the leaf blower on vehicles with hydrophobic properties like ceramic coatings or clear bra film, as it may not work as effectively on bare paint.

In summary, the Milwaukee 2724-20 cordless leaf blower as an auto detailing car blow dryer showcased by Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings as a useful tool for automotive detailing, particularly for drying vehicles with protective coatings. Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings recommends using specific 3D-printed nozzle accessories for better control and highlights the convenience of the “stubby” tip for maneuverability. The leaf blower is seen as a valuable addition to the detailing arsenal, especially for maintaining coated vehicles and reducing potential paint damage.

What choices do you have where this auto detailing car blow dryer will come in handy?


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Auto detailing car blow dryer video transcription - Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights

hey everyone today i’m going to show you something that i absolutely love for detailing and you’re going to have to stick around to the end to see how well it works but i’m going to show you the 2724-20

milwaukee it it’s the 18 volt cordless leaf blower there’s a 12 volt one that’s not the one we want we want the 18 volt one you can get this on amazon the link is in the description of the video so the m18 fuel milwaukee brushless leaf blower it’s pretty powerful it’s really important to note that when you turn on the leaf blower there’s a rabbet and a turtle and it’ll light up when you give it some power and you just hit this button to cycle back and forth between the rabbit and the turtle so typically for ceramic coated cars we can use a leaf blower to blow the car off if it’s not ceramic coated it doesn’t always work quite as well as we’d like it to it tends to push the water around but with a ceramic coated vehicle like our bmw i8 which is fully ceramic coated and fully clear broad this leaf blower will work and if you’ve heard my previous videos in aftercare and check it out in the after care playlist the more frequently you touch the vehicle the more likely you are to scratch the paint now in our case we have clear bra over the whole car so we’re not going to scratch the paint but if you don’t have clear bra over the whole car you’re more likely to damage the paint at some point by touching it no matter how good your efforts are so we try to reduce the amount of contact with the paint be it the spotless water free or the water spotless system from adams i can send you a link in the description and that allows you to kind of rinse the car off without getting water spots which is caused by hard water spots that’s a whole other story so we’re going to talk about the leaf blower today now the leaf blower by itself it’s a little awkward because it has this i would say maybe 18 inch or so um 24 inch extension nozzle and so detailers find it somewhat awkward to blow dry a car with this extension you kind of have to hold it at odd angles to be able to blow dry the car so i’m kind of a nerd so i searched for a solution now i guess the cheapest solution you could do is probably cut the nozzle but we didn’t do that we bought some 3d printed nozzles off of etsy and i’m going to show you what those look like so one nozzle you know you can also put on the end of the it’s a flat tip nozzle and it goes on the end of the barrel here now for us it doesn’t help us it kind of makes a situation worse but it’s still a good option it just kind of slides on the end and you can get in black or red it doesn’t matter um it’s 3d printed and so it fits on there nice and it’s great it’s just this this just makes it even longer so it’s not really helpful for us in the detailing world so first thing you’re going to want to do is you get this stuff on etsy this is the the short tip and then this is the flat tip that will go on the short tip and the first thing you want to do is you click this button right here and it will sort of take this out we don’t want to use this and then you got just the machine it still works but the air is a wide pattern and what we want to do for detailing is we want to concentrate that pattern as much as possible into a small area so we’ve got this uh tip from etsy and you see it’s got like a little locking mechanism 3d printed at the bottom there and so we’re going to just push it in

and it will just kind of lock into place you don’t have to hit the button necessarily so it’s locked in there and then this tip from uh from etsy as well we put it on and now we have a stub tip but flattened concentrated air and so you can see the difference in length

now i know we i know we like length but not in this case okay so we don’t want the we don’t want the this length because it’s going to hit things so this makes it much easier to hold and honestly i haven’t put this tip back on since i got the stub tip and i’m not just talking for detailing cars i’m talking for your typical everyday i blow out the shop every time between vehicles and the air is powerful enough on rabbit mode or turbo whatever it’s called to blow out the garage without this extended tip now you may want the extended tip depending upon what your use is but we use this 99 of the time blow drying cars so come with me i’m going to show you how well it works on the ceramic coated i8 that we have all right so let me just give you a little demonstration with this um the important thing to note is that the flat tip does help i’ve noticed that is it some drastic difference i’m not really sure that it’s a huge difference to have the flat tip the key is that the stub tip is makes it so much easier to maneuver and some of these companies they offer a protection for the end just in case you do bump a vehicle with it we are pretty careful so we’ll probably make our own bump protection at some point for this uh i couldn’t find it but we like the flat tip and i’m gonna show you what that kind of looks like in terms of the water dispersion with this milwaukee 2724-20 blower now my buddy mike he sells these uh battery operated pump sprayers they’re useful we use them for clear bra and all kind of other things so i just wet down the hood

now the first take that i did on this video the leaf blower blew the camera over i’m just a one-man show here so i’m going to come from behind the camera this time and blow the water away so i don’t blow the camera into the car

so you’re gonna see it works pretty well and more importantly the ease of maneuvering see how close i can get to the vehicle with almost no effort

all right so that’s the gist of the milwaukee 2724 cordless leaf blower uh i have descriptions or amazon links and all that stuff in the description for you and i got like the battery pump sprayer in the description for my buddy that sells it um so bottom line if if you’re using this it’s got almost certainly has to be on a ceramic coated vehicle or at least a clear bra ppf that has some sort of hydrophobic properties if it’s just bare paint no coating no wax no nothing no sealant um it probably won’t work as well and also to be honest we it’s probably faster to use a good drying towel like an amphibian or a dreadnought from auto fiber which is what we use around the shop but the thing is is the more you touch the car’s paint no matter how safe you are with it the more chances that you could damage the car’s paint and we don’t want to damage the car’s paint especially on a client’s vehicle so if it’s a paint correction detailing a ceramic coating job we wash it with our adam’s spot free water and then we’ll blow dry it off of milwaukee if it’s if it’s coated um obviously if we’re doing a ceramic coating job it’s probably not coated um so we don’t use this as much on those type of jobs but we do use it sometimes we use it on ppf jobs but a lot of times on ppf jobs we leave the vehicle wet because we don’t want to even using effluent towels which are lint-free they’re meant for glass and stuff but they work great for ppf um we don’t even want to use those to touch the paint uh just in case we introduce some debris so you know we use this do i think the flat tip is 100 necessary maybe not the stubby tip though is a game changer it completely makes it easy to maneuver around the vehicle without awkwardly holding the machine and when you’re awkwardly holding the machine you’re more likely to hit the paint of the vehicle so definitely the stubby tip is a must-have in my opinion for the for the leaf blower and as long as it’s on the rabbit mode and so long as you have a charged battery and i suggest the legit milwaukee batteries we tried to go the knockoff route for a while and they just don’t hold up as long they don’t provide as much power they never rate the power or the time that they say whereas milwaukee batteries or workhorses even though super expensive and you may not notice this or know this but if you are you know embedded in a different eco tool ecosystem say you have makita or dewalt or you know whatever they make battery adapters uh i’m not sure every combination is out there but you know say you have a bunch of makita batteries there is an adapter that you could put on this that would allow you to use makita batteries on the milwaukee tool once you have the adapter makes a little bit slightly more clunky but not that bad and we used to use that when we had a makita polisher and a dewalt polisher but now we use all flex cordless and we’re in that ecosystem for our polishers so that will save you some money and i think those adapters are usually like 20 bucks or 30 bucks so if you have a bunch of dewalt batteries for example but you really like the milwaukee brushless 2724 you can get that adapter and use those batteries without having to buy all new milwaukee batteries and having you know separate chargers and separate batteries and all that kind of stuff so that’s our verdict on the 2724 we’d love it we bought it initially for around the house business type stuff but we’ve gotten more and more into using it to drying off vehicles especially ceramic coated vehicles especially our own vehicle that is ceramic coated it’s a great addition to your arsenal you don’t have to use it all the time but i think the stubby tip is absolutely necessary so hope you like it we’ll have some more videos for you soon

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