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Can I take my car with clear bra to the car wash? – FAQ

Can I take my car with clear bra to the car wash?

@hhceramiccoatings Our client brought us a new-to-them 2019 #Honda #Accord with black paint. Between the previous owner taking it through many brush car washes and the #dealership apparently trying to buff out some scratches with a brillo pad, the entire paint lolks like this - or worse. #JustSayNoToCarWashes … three step #paintcorrection with a #rupes rotary and DA polisher . #instaauto #fastcars #carlove #car #carstagram #caroftheday #sportcar #supercars #carlifestyle #fastcar #cars #sportscars #americanaglobal ♬ original sound - 𝓑𝓪𝓻𝓫𝓲𝓮🏴‍☠️


Automatic car wash brushes DESTROY the paint on your vehicle. They rub and scratch against your paint more than anything should. Even touchless car washes use chemicals that you cannot control. There’s no telling what chemicals will damage or strip the ceramic coating or clear bra we have installed on your car. 

The car wash, aside from scratching your paint, can often damage the vehicle itself. They try to ensure that your vehicle is between the “safe” areas – but sometimes it can rub your wheels, dent the vehicle, or we have even seen it rip off mirrors. 

Places To Avoid

Mister Car Wash and Today’s Car Wash are popular locations in our area. They often have memberships to look attractive, but they damage your paint. There is a Today’s Car Wash in Harker Heights, a Mister’s and Today’s Car Wash in Killeen, and a Mister’s Car Wash in Copperas Cove. There are also a Mister’s and Today’s Car Wash in Temple. We aren’t sure the brand name, but they are building a new car wash in Harker Heights/Killeen area that claims to have $1 car washes (probably a $30/month membership, but they haven’t finished building this car was yet).

HEB also has a lot of automatic car washes, and you might find car washes at gas stations or similar. We don’t even know of many car washes that are even touchless around here – most have brushes. We cannot stress enough how bad that is for your paint and how much effort (and therefore money on your part, which we don’t want you to spend) it takes to conduct paint correction on your vehicle to correct it. 

We know how tough it is to deal with regular vehicle cleaning – we hate to do it ourselves! We show you the right products and procedures to ensure future cleaning is the most painless, easiest washing there is. And how to stay away from the car wash!

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