Can You Ceramic Coat The Plastic/Metal/Glass On Our Vehicle?

We sure can, and we do! This ceramic coating is included in all of our ceramic coating packages, to include ceramic coating on top of clear bra/paint protection film (see our video about the benefits of having both ceramic coating and clear bra, for ease of cleanup, here: We have special ceramic coating materials just for plastic and glass, and we have various other industrial-strength strong ceramic coatings, such as Ceramic Pro Strong or SB3 Industrial Coating, that function really well on some metal surfaces. 

Ceramic coating will also restore most faded plastic trim pieces and deepen the color again, and then provide additional UV protection so it makes it less likely to happen again in the future. 

In many cases, whatever ceramic coating we are using on your car, such as SB3 Solo, or Alpha/Omega, or Ceramic Pro 9H/Top Coat, or System X, we can also apply to the plastic and the metal, depending upon the situation. We make the judgement at the time what ceramic coating would be best. 

We even have coatings that work just fine over vinyl wraps and clear bra/PPF, and can also coat exhaust tips and brake calipers with ceramic coatings that are meant for high-temperature applications, such as Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper, or a number of other offerings from SB3 and System X. Contact us now for more information!

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