Home ceramic coating - Can you ceramic coat things other than vehicles and similar surfaces?

Looking for home ceramic coating? Absolutely! We have ceramic coated countertops (granite and otherwise), stainless steel (sinks, refrigerator, faucets, etc), shower glass and tile, bathroom sinks, garage cabinets, and stovetops. Those are just things we have coated around clients’ homes.

We can also ceramic coat everyday items to make it easier to clean up – such as leather wallets, purses, watches, eyeglasses, electronics, sneakers – you name it.

We can even ceramic coat (not to be confused with cerakote) firearms. We have done our own guns with ceramic coating for easier cleanup after a day at the firing range, but working with clients to ceramic coat their guns/pistols requires coordination with a gunsmith/FFL to adhere to federal laws governing who can work on a weapon.

2017 Nissan Maxima White Auto Detailing & Ceramic Coating - Photos_-10

Ceramic coating works everywhere!

We can even home ceramic coat outdoor furniture, such as rocking chairs or porch swings. 

The sky is really the limit in most cases. If you have a surface that is a pain to clean up but isn’t a high-traffic area (such as a floor), and you want to ceramic coat it (or in some cases, even clear bra/ceramic coat), please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Home ceramic coating on residential surfaces is not the only thing we do! We also can coat interiors, wheels, plastics, restore faded trim, and much more home ceramic coating applications! And of course, aside from that, we also ceramic coat vehicles (duh)!

We have even recently ceramic coated the cabinets of our shop!