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Can you coat interior surfaces? – FAQ

Can I take my car with ceramic coating to the car wash?

Absolutely, we can! We have ceramic coatings that work on leather, textile (carpet or cloth seats), and plastic. Sometimes we have multiple options such as Ceramic Pro Leather/Plastic/Textile, or we can use SB3 coatings which work equally as well. Oftentimes people will use Ceramic Pro 9H (or SB3 Omega) to coat leather to give an even superior (albeit more expensive) protection.


Ceramic coatings on interior surfaces like leather/carpet/plastic create a water-repellant effect which also helps when you spill coffee, or junior spills something in the back seat. 


We can even install clear bra / paint protection film on some interior pieces, like scratch-prone screens and surfaces. Sometimes, ceramic coating will provide a level of fingerprint/smudge reduction.


Please note that we do not coat all-weather mats like Weathertech or Husky. The way a ceramic coating is removed is usually by an abrasive substance like a compound or polish. So you can imagine that a lot of foot traffic serves to rub the ceramic coating off so quickly that it isn’t worth it to install in the first place on those mats.


Also ask us about ceramic coating and/or clear bra’ing the door jambs of your car to reduce scratching while getting in and out, and making it yet another surface that is easy to clean. Note that clear bra does not work well or look right on textured plastic surfaces, such as some door sills common on most cars, but it can work on the painted portions.

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