Can You Remove All Scratches?

If you recall from our video demonstration of how paint enhancement/paint correction works, you know that your clear coat is a finite resource that can be diminished to the point of damage, regardless of whether we are putting on ceramic coating or clear bra. 

What does this mean for us making your paint perfect during paint enhancement and ceramic coating?

It means that we must balance achieving perfection or near perfection with sustaining the longevity of your clearcoat. In addition, the thinner your clearcoat, the easier it is to scratch and swirl. So that means, if we make your paint “perfect,” we are actually setting you up for failure because your paint will scratch easier in the future!

Typically, we can remove most swirls and light scratches, although there are times when some scratches that seem to be light, are actually deep. If you can feel a scratch with your fingernail, it’s unlikely to be removed during a paint correction prior to ceramic coating. If you can see a different color underneath entirely, the scratch has likely gone to the primer or even base coat.

Unless you have a full-body clear bra/paint protection film (we have full PPF on our BMW i8, but this might not be for everyone due to cost), scratches are a part of life, no matter how hard we try (we just try to minimize the amount and severity). We say that to say, why would we want to thin out and diminish the UV protection of your clearcoat (even if we are installing a ceramic coating or clear bra/paint protection film) just to get rid of a few scratches that might come back after the first or second wash?

We assure you that we will never let a vehicle leave the shop, be it ceramic coating or clear bra, or both – if we wouldn’t be comfortable with it on our own car.

Believe in our process, and we will ensure you have the best-looking vehicle possible while balancing the longevity of your paint!

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