Can you remove bug guts etching or stains?

If we catch the bug guts early enough, we usually can. Once your vehicle is ceramic coated and/or clear bra’d, bug guts should come off a lot easier, though. In the Texas heat and sun, leaving bug guts on the front of your vehicle is risky, even with clear bra and ceramic coating. 

While bug guts are not as acidic as bird droppings (see our other article about bird poop./ceramic coating/paint protection film or clear bra), they are still fairly acidic. 

Over time, and especially if you’re commuting back and forth from Killeen to some other city like Waco/Temple, those bug guts will etch in just like bird poop. Not as quickly, mind you, but it still will go beyond the help of a good paint enhancement/paint correction at a certain point. 

Remember that all of these acidic contaminants like brid droppings, bug guts, and hard water spots (not necessarily acidic, but with heavy amounts of deposits), it’s important to remove them from the surface (untreated, clear bra, or ceramic coating) as soon as you notice them. 

Utilize some waterless wash to remove it with a soft microfiber.

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