Do You Do Interior/Exterior Car Washing, Typical Car Detailing?

We do, but in a limited capacity. As we have no employees, and we have a small shop, we typically only conduct typical auto detailing for the Killeen area in conjunction with clear bra or ceramic coating installations, or for existing clear bra/ceramic coating clients and their referrals. 


HHCC does not always have the space to add cars to detail, and we don’t have dedicated employees to do car washes and interior/exterior details. 


We do have the equipment to do so, and we do often schedule details, but it is usually if we have nothing else on the schedule for that day, or we are able to fit the car wash/detail in between jobs. 


If you would like to decrease the amount of times you need an exterior detail, and help prevent staining and create an easier cleanup for interior details, consider one of our interior or exterior (or both) ceramic coating packages, or pair them with clear bra.


Don’t hesitate to call or text us to find out if we have space on the calendar to conduct a typical interior/exterior car detail for you.

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