Do you fix rock chips or dents?

We really wish that we could/did, but we don’t, for several reasons.


  1. Dents are completely out of the question. We wish we had the training but we simply do not. We have had dent work done at Xtreme Dent Repair in Temple on our personal vehicles, and that is typically where we refer people to.They are located with Bulldog Auto Detailing in Temple, and we are friends with the owner, so we feel comfortable recommending people to them.


  1. We value our working relationship with the City of Harker Heights and surrounding areas (Killeen/Copperas Cove/Temple/Belton), and our license to operate as a home business within the city of Harker Heights stipulates that we cannot conduct any paint or bodywork (as it applies to a body shop/collision center/auto repair shop, not as a detailing business which polishes and conducts paint enhancement/paint correction). This is a minor point and likely they would never know, but we are active on social media (and we are honest people with integrity) so we don’t want to put ourselves (or the city of Harker Heights) in a bad position. We spent a lot of time at the Harker Heights Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council and wouldn’t want to cause ourselves issues. 


  1. Paint chips are a funny thing. Sometimes you can fill them in with paint, and they look ok, and sometimes you wet sand them and they look worse. We typically do not fill in and wet sand rock chips as it’s hit or miss – and aside from the issues with Harker Heights city code (we assume Killeen and Copperas Cove are similar), the cost to the client for our time does not justify the results. 

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