Do you have insurance?

We do! We use Liberty Mutual with an agent we can call 24/7 from Goosehead Insurance Agency.

We understand the question, and we get it all the time. It’s so easy to start a small business in America, and that’s great! But it also leads to so many auto detailers and other companies starting up with very little barriers – and that includes everything from getting an EIN/business license/LLC, to conducting paint corrections on or disassembling really expensive vehicles to install clear bra/paint protection film, without the requisite insurance. 

We even have insurance to drive your car, which many businesses do not have (believe it or not). If you, as an auto detailing business owner, need to move a client’s car, you need to be covered.

Whether your car would be stolen, damaged (from natural causes or from us), or any other factor (to include hail, and tornados that we have been having in the Killeen/Belton/Harker Heights/Temple areas of late), we have coverage. 

We have never had to file a claim for any reason, but rest assured – if we had to, we have the coverage (and can adjust our coverage as needed per situations).

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