Do you remove clear bra or vinyl from vehicles?

Yes we do. We have very good methods to remove both clear bra, vinyl wraps, and even ceramic coating from vehicles.

There are methods you can use to minimize the amount of residue from vinyl wraps and clear bra/PPF/paint protection film, but there is bound to be some stuck behind. To remove the particularly stubborn adhesive residue, we use Rapid Remover, and it works wonders. But it is still a time-consuming process.

For all of these removals, we charge by the hour. We have no desire to take more of your money than necessary, just as we don’t really want to spend all day removing vinyl or clear bra. It’s is a frustrating, and often time-consuming process (because we are being so careful). 

We start at one hour of labor minimum, and then we charge by the hour afterwards. The scope of the job, the age of the clear bra or vinyl we are removing, the complexity of the removal (such as having to remove an entire bumper) and replacement, all factors into what the total cost might be. It’s hard to estimate in advance, especially if we don’t know how the film or vinyl was applied.

Lifting and More

There is also, however slight, a chance that the paint could lift when removing old clear bra or vinyl wrap. This is more prevalent if the installer used an adhesive promoter and/or the painted surface was repainted at some point. Most non-OEM paint jobs do not interact well with vinyl wraps or clear bra installations, which is why most manufacturers only warranty work done to OEM paint surfaces. Unfortuantely, every body shop is different, and many cut corners with preparation that leads the paint to be more susceptible to issues when installing clear bra (or even ceramic coating).


We have yet to even find a single body shop in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights/Temple areas that we trust enough, that doesn’t take months and months to do the work, and is affordable for people getting general repairs (outside of full-body restorations). If you find the right body shop, please let us know, so we can partner with them or recommend them.

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