Do You Restore Headlights?

As an addon service, we do not offer headlight restoration. As we are a small shop, and we do polish headlights if need be, but we spend the majority of our time conducting paint enhancement/paint correction and ceramic coating/clear bra.

Headlights have a UV coating which degrade over time, much like your clear coat UV protection degrades over time and leads to oxidation and clear coat failure (see our other videos on clear coat failure vs. oxidation). This is when you begin seeing fading, hazing, and cloudy headlights. 

If you (we) catch the headlight UV failure early enough, often polishing or compounding the plastic and then replacing the polished area with ceramic coating will be sufficient. 

If the headlights are further gone, they will require wet sanding and extensive work. This is not something we typically offer. If this is something you are particularly concerned about, we can contract someone to fix your headlights while we are working on the rest of the car to install a ceramic coating or clear bra.

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