How are your ceramic coating, clear bra, and paint correction/paint enhancement prices so inexpensive compared to other auto detailing businesses in the Killeen area?

We can assure you that our prices reflect our overall operating costs, and do not denote a lesser quality clear bra, ceramic coating, or paint correction installation. We are competitively priced for several reasons:


  1. We do not have a clear bra or ceramic coating facility lease. Properties and rent in our area has soared dramatically in the last several years, but since we are attached to our home, our “lease” on our auto detailing facility is really our home mortgage, which we do not need (or want) to pass on to clients. 


  1. Our utilities are minimal. Water in general is an inexpensive utility as is, but we do not do a lot of traditional car washing, or auto detailing type work. Primarily, we wash cars in preparation for clear bra/paint protection film, ceramic coating, and/or paint correction/paint enhancement.


We do not produce excessive trash, with the majority of our trash coming from clear bra film containers and the like, which largely do not exceed what a large family might produce in a house (recall that we are only doing clear bra one vehicle at a time, and we can only work on several vehicles per week, with trash being picked up twice per week – so no need for a commercial dumpster). We only have a $5/month charge for an additional garbage can, but since Harker Heights does not offer bulk pickup of Amazon and similar boxes, we would have gotten this anyhow.


The largest utilities expense we have is our solar panels, which power the entire house, and would have been purchased anyhow. We have 55 panels in total, with a system larger than 22kW. This is a massive system that produces between 120 and 130 kWh per DAY in the summer. On average, we generate almost 4000kWh of renewable energy per month, exceeding our total usage. 


  1. We have no employees. We are owner-operated at Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings, and have no employees, no payroll, no employee insurance, taxes, or workman’s compensation expenses.


  1. We have no need for health insurance. We are a veteran-owned business, with Fort Hood/Killeen being our last duty station. We have nearly 22 years in the military, and our healthcare coverage does not need to be provided by the business.


  1. We don’t meet the minimum threshold for state franchise tax. Our services in the state of Texas are non-taxable (and we do not sell physical products, so there is no sales tax there), and because we are such a small operation, we do not exceed the state minimum revenue threshold of $1.23 million annually. In our line of work, it would be very difficult with no employees and a single-car bay to ever exceed this state tax threshold.


  1. Our equipment lasts longer. Because we are the only ones using our equipment, it doesn’t get beat up, and because we are doing only one vehicle at a time, even if we are using it every day, it doesn’t see as much use as a shop where multiple people are using multiple pieces of equipment every day at the same time.

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