How Do I Care For My Ceramic-coated Vehicle?

We will show you in the above video how we care for our ceramic-coated vehicle, both with a rinseless wash and with a pressure washer and foam cannon. There are many methods to wash your vehicle safely, but we have a few tips for you. NOTE: If you need to pressure wash your vehicle, just follow the instructions in the clear bra aftercare video located here:


Even though the clear bra / paint protection film aftercare video is talking about keeping a pressure washer nozzle a few feet from the paint and not on a narrow degree tip, it is a generally good idea to avoid getting too close with a pressure washer tip in general and can still apply to ceramic coating. 


You already made the right decision to ceramic coat and/or clear bra your vehicle, so we are on the right track to easy cleanup when you detail your vehicle.


A reminder that you can receive 10% off aftercare products at using the code HHCC10. You can also see our aftercare section of our website, which has product recommendations and processes.


The number one thing to remember: any time you touch your paint, especially forcefully, risks scratching or swirling the paint and needing us to conduct more paint correction/paint enhancement (that would also require us to re-ceramic coat the vehicle). 

If the car isn’t really that dirty

Liberally spray rinseless or waterless wash (or no-rinse solution) on the paint. Let it soak a few minutes. Use a sponge or wash mitt (we use a really soft Autofiber mitt, which you can find on Amazon – they are a detailer, trying to help other detailers, so we try to support small businesses that we know) to lightly, in a straight pattern working from up to down, wipe off the dirt or grime. Next, spray rinseless wash again, and gently clean off with a plush microfiber towel, flipping to dry afterward.

If the car is really dirty

You can spray waterless or rinseless wash on the dirt and then rinse it using a pressure washer. Keep the tip a few feet from the vehicle, 3ft is usually a safe distance, and we use a 40-degree pressure washer tip. This is all to be as safe as possible for your paint. We use an MTM soap/foam cannon afterward to soap up the paint. We then GENTLY wipe the soap with our autofiber mitt, and then rinse off again. We dry in the same manner as we would above. 

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