When Is The Best Time To Get A Clear Bra, And Why?

We are going to give you some pointers when you pick up, and we also include the note included below. In addition, we have dedicated aftercare sections of our website to provide you with product recommendations and instructions.


You can also view the video we created below that teaches you how to care for both ceramic coatings and paint protection film (clear bra).

Aftercare Instructions

  • Please avoid washing the car for 3-5 days as the PPF is drying, and for another 7 days, avoid scrubbing hard as the ceramic coating cures.
  • You may notice small water spots under the film as the film dries. This will go away (usually) as it is exposed to more sun and just naturally. Due to the fact that PPF is a wet-apply method, this is common. Please avoid trying to press down or move the water during this period. Letting the moisture evaporate naturally results in a better final appearance.
  • We heat treat the edges on all PPF to attempt to avoid any lifting. In some cases, we try to anticipate where body panels might flex or what might be likely to lift and trim away or apply extra heat. If you find some edges are lifting over the next two weeks (this is the industry standard), please make note, and we will trim everything we can at once.
  • We use computer software and a large plotter to print most of our body panels. We make every attempt to ensure uniformity and the smallest amount of imperfections as possible. We spend hours trimming, scanning, and doing what we can to ensure a near perfect delivery. Rest assured, if we wouldn’t want it on our own BMW i8, we won’t let it leave our shop. With that said, if you are dissatisfied with any portion of the installation, please do not hesitate to reach out so that we may discuss solutions for you. We are a small business, and our relationships are the most important part of the job. 
  • On lighter-colored vehicles, dirt will begin to accumulate on the edges of the PPF. The dirt is also there on darker vehicles, but it just isn’t noticeable. The ceramic coating helps with this cleanup process, but a great tip is to use a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush to lightly brush the edges if they become too unsightly.
  • Using a pressure washer closer than 3ft away, especially near the edges, or with a narrow tip (25 degree or up is preferred, 0 or 15 degree could cut the PPF if the pressure washer is powerful enough and placed too close), could damage the PPF, get water under the film, or lift the edges. Automatic car washes with brushes will scrub the ceramic coating off the film and will damage the PPF!! We do not recommend even touchless car washes for PPF as you have no control over the degrees of spray, the chemicals used, etc.
  • To clean the vehicle regularly we recommend using rinseless wash. We use Americana Global products (americanaglobal.com) and use code HHCC10 to receive 10% off for however long you use their products. Rinseless wash comes in 32oz or other containers, and we recommend diluting it one ounce to one gallon, so you can get 32 gallons from one container.
  • All films are self-healing, meaning smaller scratches and imperfections will improve or go away entirely with heat (from the sun, etc). The films are thick, and will prevent most rock chips. However, the film is a sacrificial layer and could be damaged by a large enough piece of debris at a high enough speed.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, you have chosen to protect your vehicle as much as possible! The film will last over 10 years (most automotive clearcoats are only rated 10-15 years on their own), it won’t yellow, and you should have no issues. However, the film is not impervious to water spots, bird droppings, and other things like sap. Try to remove these as fast as possible, especially within the first few weeks. If water spots do not come out in the future, you can try a mix of vinegar and water.

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