How long is the process for ceramic coating?

You saw in our other video the entire process from start to finish of washing, iron and fallout remover, clay bar, compounding, polishing – and finally, ceramic coating your vehicle. 

We used to use a system where longer coatings were multiple layers from various brands of ceramic coatings, and it took longer than was efficient for our business model. We are, after all, a small shop that handles only one vehicle at a time. We have since switched to a system where we only use one layer at a time, and we use various professional level coatings such as Ceramic Pro, System X, SB3, R1, and more to ensure we reach your desired warranty level. 


Typically this is what our process looks like:

Day 1: We prep your car by washing and detailing it. We then use iron and fallout remover and a clay bar to remove any embedded contaminants in the paint. We then tape off areas of the car we don’t want to polish, and we conduct either a one-step or two/three-step paint enhancement/paint correction. 

Day 2: Depending upon the severity of the defects in your vehicle’s paint, we may take two days to correct the paint. We don’t want to spend this long on vehicles, but sometimes it can be necessary, especially if they have been ran through automatic car washes like Mister Car Wash or Today’s Car Wash in the Killeen / Copperas Cove / Harker Heights areas. We usually ask for this day, even if we don’t think we need it, just in case. We always want to under-promise and over-deliver our work to you. 

If we didn’t need this day for paint correction / paint enhancement, we usually ceramic coat your vehicle in the morning. If the weather is good with zero chance of rain, we release the vehicle to you. Typically, we like the vehicle to cure for 24 hours so the ceramic coating cannot get wet. 

Day 3: Sometimes we try to keep the vehicle an extra day if we know the paint might need extra time to cure or additional services are needed.

This is a general guideline on timeline to conduct auto detailing, paint enhancement, and ceramic coating. Sometimes, we might see an expedited timeline or even a delayed timeline. This is the best timeline we can guess for you prior to seeing the vehicle. Usually the biggest issue we have in meeting this timeline is the aforementioned Mister / Today’s Car Wash (automatic car washes in near us).

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