How long is the process to install clear bra?

This entirely depends upon the complexity of the clear bra job. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon how you look at it), many cars, trims, models, etc present different challenges. We have typical timeframes that we need the vehicle for to install paint protection film, but just realize, some vehicles or projects may take longer (or shorter) to complete. For example, a brand new model that doesn’t have patterns in our software may take longer to figure out, whereas a C8 Corvette that we have done many of, might be faster than you would otherwise expect just due to repetition.


Generally speaking, the minimum time we need a vehicle is two days. That is because even on just a bumper clear bra installation, we still need the film to dry, and tuck and trim it. It’s POSSIBLE to turn it around in one day with heating of the edges, but it isn’t recommended. Especially with our heat and humidity in the Central Texas region, we don’t want water under the film to boil (yes, it can do that!), or the humidity or other environmental factors to cause lifting. 

Single panels, bumper kits, and other things similar in nature for clear bra we expect to keep the vehicle for two days. 

For full front packages, we like to budget for three days to install your clear bra, unless it’s a vehicle we do frequently (like the aforementioned C8 Corvette). 

Sometimes we can complete track packages in the same time frame as a full front, depending upon the complexity of the clear bra on the rocker panels. 

For full body clear bra installations, we like to keep the vehicle at least five days. Full body installations can become quite tedious, and we would rather take our time and ensure your paint protection film is installed perfectly (or as perfectly as possible), rather than rush a job to make more money.

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