How Long Does Paint Enhancement/Paint Correction/Ceramic Coating take?

While we love Ceramic Pro, we have largely moved away from multi-layer ceramic coating packages, and instead pick our brand and type of coating based on what is best for the client in a one-layer ceramic coating system (for example, using SB3, or System X). This is of no fault to other manufacturers, but as we are a small shop, it is not always feasible to allow multiple days for ceramic coatings as would be required by using many layers on layers of 9H ceramic coating as well as a top coating.

For most average vehicles, expect about one day of preparation or less for the paint correction/paint enhancement, detailing, washing, and less than a half a day for ceramic coating. If the weather is not expected to rain, a client can receive the vehicle that evening. This is impacted by the weather, the deepness of the scratches in the paint, and any additional ceramic coating or clear bra packages that are added on (such as us ceramic coating over clear bra, or doing wheels-off ceramic coating packages, or interior ceramic coating packages).

More difficult vehicles, such as vehicles that have paint in excessively bad condition (oxidized paint, older cars with extensive wear and tear, or vehicles that have been ran through many automatic car washes), may take an extra day or more of correction, depending upon the expectations of the client on the finished product prior to installing the ceramic coating.

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