How long will you need my vehicle to install clear bra?

This can largely vary based on different factors such as: unexpected issues during installation, complexity of installation, coverage size of clear bra, custom installations such as color changes, removal of clear bra/paint protection film, and more. However, we try to give a ballpark idea below (all timelines are subject to change based on the vehicle and scheduling):


Clear bra front bumper package: Approximately less than a day to install, can potentially return same day after excessive edge heat treating, but prefer to keep overnight to trim and post heat in the morning. There is additional risk by not allowing that extra time.


Clear bra partial or full front package: Approximately 5-8 hours for installation maximum, with the same restrictions we typically place on the front bumper paint protection film package (keeping overnight to ensure drying and tucking).


Clear bra track package: Typically one business day to install, maybe 1.5 days, and overnight to dry. Expect to drop off one day and pick up later the next evening the next day, or to be safe, the day after.


Clear bra full body package: Typically two to three days of installation, one day to dry, and one day to trim. Expect to be without you vehicle for approximately 3-6 days.

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