Is Clear Bra Indestructible?

You might remember from our “What is clear bra?” frequently asked question video, that our own clear bra / paint protection film (PPF) on the hood of our BMW i8 was damaged by someone on a bicycle. It protected the paint, but the PPF was damaged beyond repair and needed to be replaced. It was a lot cheaper than replacing the hood or paint of the car, but nonetheless, it had to be replaced.

When you are traveling to/from Austin from the Killeen area on I35, who knows what debris will get kicked up. It’s quite possible that a sharp or big enough rock, traveling at a high enough speed, will still tear through the clear bra. We cannot warranty against damage that isn’t related to the installation of the clear bra film.

Paint protection film is meant to be a sacrificial layer to protect your paint. We hope that you never have to replace your PPF, but if you do, we are here for you. And we provide significant discounts to clients who need panels replaced, and we also work with insurance companies for claims as well. 

Clear bra will also not protect you against hail, dents, or dings, if they are of any significance. Remember that clear bra is a soft and flexible layer of protective film. If there is a sizeable force that would dent your car, it will likely dent the car even with paint protection film on it. Therefore, we also cannot warranty hail damage or similar. 


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