Is environmental damage a warrantable claim for clear bra?

Rock chips or debris that penetrate the paint protection film, bird droppings/bug guts/hard water spots that are left to etch into the clear bra are not warrantable items, nor are wash damage items such as cutting the film with a pressure washer, taking it through an automatic car wash, or lifting the edges with a pressure washer. 

The clear bra/paint protection film is designed to be a sacrificial layer for your paint. 

It IS possible that a rock or other piece of debris, traveling at a high enough rate, could penetrate the film. This is fairly rare, but depending on driving conditions, road construction, and mileage/stance of the vehicle, is possible, and not warrantable.

Other items are at fault to the owner of the vehicle, and not warrantable, although Harker Heights Ceramic Coatings makes EVERY effort to work with clients to fix/repair damage to the clear bra/paint as cheaply and painlessly as possible.

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