Paint protection film, not paint perfection film.”

– Mike Norng, renowned clear bra installer and trainer in Houston, Texas

Boy, do we sure wish it was. One of the most challenging aspects of becoming a PPF/clear bra installer has been this. We are detail-oriented and professional, and we have slight obsessive-compulsive tendencies. 

As we write this question and answer for you, we received new tempered glass screen protectors for our iPhone 13 Pro Max phones. Have you ever tried to install one of these successfully? It’s tough!

Think ABout An SCreen Protector

A screen protector for our iPhone 13 Pro Max is 0.125 square feet. That’s not a lot! The BMW i8 hood is approximately 30 square feet alone. A full front clear bra package could be 150 or more square feet!

Why are we giving you all of this math and square footage? Our shop has a giant WEN air filtration system suitable for a 1000sqft space (in a 400sqft shop); we keep everything clean. However, there’s always dust and debris.


“If you want to find a defect or something wrong with the install, you will.”

– Mike Norng


There is a lot that goes into clear bra installations. There will almost always be a minor defect here and there. A dust particle here, a tiny piece of fuzz under the clear bra, or the occasional wrinkle (or what we call a “PPF tack mark”). 

Why Is That?

It’s because clear bra installers are humans trying to put a giant piece of sticky material onto a vehicle, often stretching it and manipulating it in various ways, and inevitably you might see some defects. 

We pledge that we would never let your vehicle leave our shop with something we wouldn’t accept on our own vehicle. We don’t tell you this because we want to scare you away. We tell you this because we are human. We want you to have the best installation possible. We will do everything in our power to ensure you are happy with your clear bra installation, and we will fix what we can at your house (whether it’s in Killeen / Copperas Cove / Harker Heights or as far as Austin or San Antonio) if your vehicle needs its clear bra trimmed/touched up.

Some people might argue that we would scare away clients by telling them their clear bra installations won’t be 100% perfect, but we prefer our clients to understand everything up front – from process, to pricing, to our shop, and results. We always strive to under-promise and over-deliver.

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