Is paint enhancement required?

We ask every single client – are you happy with your paint? Do you have any specific concerns that you would like us to address when we are conducting paint correction?

Why do we ask this? It’s because, despite what the industry might tell you – paint correction is NOT required when installing a ceramic coating. We think this is a ruse to get people to spend more money. In reality, our typical process of decontamination and other steps outlined in other videos prepare the paint for a ceramic coating just fine.

So the answer to the question is no – paint correction / paint enhancement is NOT required. What it ultimately boils down to is whether or not you are satisfied with the paint, whether it is in your budget, and what your end goal is.

If you just want the vehicle easier to clean up, easier to clean off bug guts driving up from Austin or even within the Killeen/Copperas Cove/Fort Hood areas and bird droppings, but you’re happy with the way the paint is as is – don’t spend the money. We are always an advocate of not spending unnecessary money. 

If you see swirl marks, scratches, maybe oxidation, bird poop or bug gut etchings, or any number of other defects, you should absolutely get paint correction. Even new vehicles often require paint correction because dealers have their “detailers” wash vehicles poorly (or they go so fast they cannot possibly be careful). 

Whether or not you want two-step or one-step, it’s just a matter of the level of perfection and swirl removal you’re looking for, or budget. 

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