Is "Xpel" the same as "Clear Bra"?

Sort of. 

If you search for “clear bra near me” or some other location-based search, such as “clear bra Killeen TX,” you might get some search results or discussions about Xpel, a brand of paint protection film. Xpel is a great brand! You might hear some people say “Xpel it!” to new car owners, but, in general, they mean “clear bra.”

In the English language, this is known as a “proprietary eponym,” or you might hear it called a “generic trademark.”

If you’ve ever applied a Band-Aid instead of an adhesive bandage, moisturized your lip with Chapstick instead of lip balm, thrown away trash in a Dumpster instead of a trash bin, or wiped away tears with a Kleenex instead of facial tissue, you know what we mean. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, you can see more examples here

Xpel is very similar to this in that the company Xpel has become synonymous with “clear bra,” “paint protection film,” or “PPF.”

Are your brands better than Xpel?

We have used many different brands, including Ceramic Pro Kavaca, Legend, STEK, Global, LLumar, and much more. All of the major brands are excellent brands, including Xpel!