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WE Enjoyed the Full Body Clear Bra & Five Year Ceramic Coating on this beautiful GT3RS

This is the second car we have done full body clear bra on for this Austin-area client, referred to us by Hammerdown Motorsports in Leander. We teamed up with Detail Driven Transport out of Austin to ship this beast to use in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area, and Bouley Detailing out of Houston (as we do for all big jobs). 


For this car, it was a very difficult preparation process, as this is Porsche GT3RS spends a LOT of time on racetracks around the state, such as Circuit of the Americas. The older the car, or dirtier the car, the more difficult the installation is, because debris gets into so many crevices that you can’t always get it all out. On a light-colored vehicle (this Porsche is white, and you might remember the M8 Competition we did a few months ago was, as well), especially one that has seen track time (excessive dust, iron deposits/brake dust, rubber bits), it’s harder to keep debris out.

Installation Steps

First, we had to remove the clear bra/paint protection film/PPF that was already on the car. This clear bra did not cover the entire vehicle, and the owner wanted more coverage. We are not sure where it was installed previously. 


Once we removed the clear bra, we began the lengthy preparation process. We were actually surprised that there were not more iron deposits. Most likely that is because the car did have SOME clear bra/paint protection film. 


Over the next day and a half, we finished up the rest of the vehicle, installing the clear bra/paint protection film, SB3 Coatings Alpha, Vortex, and Optic and tucking and trimming (and heating) all of the edges. We definitely want out to hold up on track!


Read more about clear bra/paint protection film: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/clear-bra/ 


Read more about ceramic coating: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/ceramic-coating/

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For this Full Body Clear Bra & Five Year Ceramic Coating install, we used Legend Paint Protection Films (https://legendppf.com/). We talked a lot in a FAQ article about what the major differences are between clear bra/paint protection film/PPF companies, if any, between major film manufacturers like Xpel, SunTek, Eastman, Llumar, 3M, Ceramic Pro – Kavaca, STEK, Flexishield, Global, Legend and more (https://hhceramiccoatings.com/what-is-the-difference-between-major-clear-bra-brands-faq/). The key takeaway is that the primary differences are in the properties of the adhesive. Thich is something installers have to deal with, but generally, don’t have an effect on anything the client sees.


People frequently ask about Xpel clear bra/paint protection film, and if Legend PPF compares to Xpel at all. A lot of people use Xpel to mean clear bra, because Xpel is one of the most popular brands. We also discuss Xpel and if it’s the same as clear bra, here: https://hhceramiccoatings.com/is-xpel-the-same-as-clear-bra-faq/

About our ceramic coating offerings:

SB3 Coatings (sb3coating.com) are great coatings. They are similar to other offerings we have had in the past. You may be more familiar with other brands’ offerings. Here is a quick reference to help you understand our transition.

 – The SB3 Coatings Solo is similar to Ceramic Pro Sport. (although SB3 Solo has a one-year warranty whereas Ceramic Pro Sport has a six-month warranty)

– SB3 Coatings Omega is similar to Ceramic Pro Bronze (Ceramic Pro Top Coat) two year coating

– The SB3 Coatings Thirty3 is a three-year ceramic coating, which is a warranty period we have not had in the past.

– SB3 Coatings Alpha is a five-year coating, similar to the Ceramic Pro Silver (five-year) package, which uses Ceramic Pro 9H (one layer) and Ceramic Pro Top Coat (one layer). SB3 Coatings Alpha utilizes a single coating system which helps us get your vehicle back to you faster without sacrificing quality.

– The SB3 Coatings Trinity is a seven-year coating, which we did not offer previously with Ceramic Pro.

– SB3 Coatings Vortex is a two-year ceramic coating similar to Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper or Ceramic Pro 9H (when used on wheels).

– The SB3 Coatings Optic is a one-year ceramic coating similar to Ceramic Pro Glass. It is used on your windshield/glass surfaces.

Additionally, we have access to many brands of ceramic coatings. We always choose what is best for the client in their particular situation.