Professional ceramic car coating - how does it work?

Wondering how a professional ceramic car coating works and if it's right for you?

If you’re here, it’s because you’re probably wondering if professional ceramic car coatings are worth it and how they work. Of course, we think they’re worth it! The first thing to understand about professional ceramic car coating is it makes clean-up so easy. What you see in the video is System X MAX 10-year ceramic coating on the hood of our BMW i8. While we love System X MAX, all of our ceramic coatings make cleanup so much easier. 

Ok, so how does a professional ceramic car coating work?

Your paint is made out of peaks and valleys. It doesn’t look like it to the naked eye, but it isn’t a perfectly smooth piece of material. You can see it over here at Detailing Wiki, which has a picture of polished and unpolished paint surfaces as viewed from under a microscope.


Automotive paint, peaks and valleys, and how ceramic coating can (slightly) prevent swirling

As you can see in the picture, or our embedded YouTube video, the way a professional car ceramic coating works, is it attempts to fill many of the peaks and valleys of the paint. When the paint is smoother, it is less likely to trap these contaminants (or pollutants). 

This means that the paint is less likely to hold dirt, making it easier, and safer, to clean. If you recall from our other question/video, the more you have to work to clean paint, the more likely you are to scratch it. This is how ceramic coating protects against scratches. It’s a different level of protection than a clear bra, but it does add a slight layer. 

More importantly, you’re not scrubbing the paint and less likely to damage it, with a professional car ceramic coating. 

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benefits of PROFESSIONAL CAR ceramic coating:

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How much will ceramic coating protect against scratching and swirling?

The truth is – not that much. A professional car ceramic coating provides a VERY small amount of protection, if any, against swirling and scratching. Many companies claim that it does, but it does not. It works to reduce swirling and scratching as mentioned above. 

This is especially true if you are very aggressive with your vehicle washing and drying, use improper washing techniques, or use an automatic car wash, like Today’s Car Wash or Galaxy Car Wash in the Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights area. 

Does this mean you don't have to wash your car after a ceramic coating?

As much as I wish a professional car ceramic coating made you not have to wash your vehicle – you still do.

Even after applying a professional ceramic coating, washing your car regularly is necessary to maintain its appearance and protect the coating. The ceramic coating provides a barrier of protection against contaminants, but it is not impervious to dirt, grime, and other substances that can accumulate on the vehicle’s surface over time. Regular washing helps to remove these contaminants and prevent them from etching into the surface, which can cause permanent damage to the coating. Additionally, regular washing helps to maintain the shine and overall appearance of the vehicle, ensuring that it continues to look its best for years to come.