Why have a pro install your professional ceramic coating in Copperas Cove/Killeen/Harker Heights?

Professional Ceramic Coatings:

  1. The difference between DIY ceramic coating and professional coating is typically the longevity and durability. This comes at the cost of ease of installation, however. Ceramic coatings “flash” – this is when we typically wipe off the excess. If you read about it, you might see a professional ceramic coating rainbow or similar. With a professional ceramic coating, the coating may flash quicker, or in some cases, it may not be evident that it is ready to be wiped (no rainbow). Since coatings are semi-permanent (they chemically bond to your car’s paint), this can be an issue. You would need a polisher and paint correction/paint enhancement to remove what we call “high spots” (spots that were excess material not wiped off in time). This sounds like a small deal, but it can be if you need the right equipment to fix it. On top of that, humidity and temperature play a large part. We have a climate-controlled shop which increases the time we have to work with a professional ceramic coating before it flashes, leading to less rushing and fewer mistakes. This also goes for clear bra installations, but we need to find out if anyone doing their own installations on those. 

Professional Ceramic Coatings (Equipment/experience):

  1. Equipment, experience, and preparedness. A ceramic coating from Amazon is relatively inexpensive. However, you start adding up the cost of quality applicators, machine polishers if there are mistakes, or if you want to polish/conduct paint enhancement before coating, quality surface solvent prep solutions before applying the coating, clay bar, and clay bar lubrication solutions, good leveling towels, painters tape to tape off areas you don’t want to hit with the polisher – the list goes on and on. A pro who installs professional ceramic coatings has all of these things and uses them regularly. When doing it yourself, though, it adds up costs for things you rarely use as a non-professional. So you’re spending a lot of money on various things that you might use annually or less.


  1. Time. Time is money, and time is valuable. We all work so much these days, we sit in traffic going to and from work if you aren’t telecommuting from home in Killeen or surrounding areas, etc. You can drop it off to us, have us install your professional ceramic coating, and pick it up completed.
  1. Warranty. We will be your point of contact for any issues with your ceramic coating (or clear bra). So if you ever have an issue, contact us – rather than trying to fix yourself and spend more money.

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