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Have you ever found water spots on your vehicle after washing, or maybe in the morning after your sprinkler system has gone off and the sun dries out the water? If you catch it immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY in the Texas sun, you can usually get them off pretty easily with either vinegar or even with water.


After any real amount of time, though, shy of polishing the paint, no real auto detail will seem to get them out. Having clear bra/paint protection film/PPF or ceramic coating does NOT make the vehicle immune to water spots. 


In comes SB3 Coatings Destroy, which is a chemical used to break down leftover Total Dissolved Solids (TDS, measured in parts per million), and clean up those pesky water spots. 


How do water spots happen in the first place? Unfiltered (to include the Brita-type filters, which don’t typically filter out much if any TDS) water contains a lot of minerals. When this water is left on the paint to dry, the water evaporates in the sun, and the minerals remain. Over time, they can become completely etched in.


Typically we see waterspots when:


– A vehicle is hit by sprinkler systems, which is usually unfiltered water

– A car is left to air dry after rinsing off with tap water or using an automatic car wash (which we hope none of you are using!)

– A vehicle is washed in direct sunlight when the water evaporates faster than the auto detailer (probably you!) can keep up with the washing/drying


How can we prevent waterspots?


– Either adjust, pay to have someone adjust, or buy sprinkler heads that don’t hit your vehicles (sometimes harder than it seems, especially if it’s windy)

– Never let your car air dry…if the vehicle is drying during a detail too fast, do one panel at a time

– Try to avoid washing anything in direct sunlight, especially in Central Texas

Installation Instructions

How to use SB3 Coatings Destroy to remove waterspots:

– Do not use in the sun

– Please Do not use on raw metal/raw aluminum

– Do not let it dry/sit on glass

– Always rinse off after finishing

  1. Clean the affected area. We don’t want to rub in waterspots with dirt on the paint, which will scratch it and require a paint enhancement/paint correction to fix.
  2. Apply a small amount of SB3 Coatings Destroy onto a clean microfiber, and using as gentle pressure as possible, rub the affected area.
  3. Wipe off excess product.
  4. Rinse off the affected area once you are satisfied. 
  5. Dry the affected area.

Never use SB3 Coatings Destroy as your go-to way to fix waterspots. Your first inclination should always be to fix the situation causing the water spots first, and use this only if necessary. Remember, that while safe for your paint and clear bra, with any chemical of this nature, you need to understand that it could shorten the longevity of the ceramic coating or clear bra if used excessively. 

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SB3 Coatings (sb3coating.com) are great coatings, and are similar to other offerings we have had in the past. You may be more familiar with other brands’ offerings, so here is a quick reference to help you understand our transition.


 – The SB3 Coatings Solo is similar to Ceramic Pro Sport (although SB3 Solo has a one-year warranty whereas Ceramic Pro Sport has a six-month warranty)

– SB3 Coatings Omega is similar to Ceramic Pro Bronze (Ceramic Pro Top Coat) two year coating

– The SB3 Coatings Thirty3 is a three-year ceramic coating, which is a warranty period we have not had in the past.

– SB3 Coatings Alpha is a five-year coating, similar to the Ceramic Pro Silver (five-year) package, which uses Ceramic Pro 9H (one layer) and Ceramic Pro Top Coat (one layer). SB3 Coatings Alpha utilizes a single coating system which helps us get your vehicle back to you faster without sacrificing quality.

– The SB3 Coatings Trinity is a seven-year coating, which we did not offer previously with Ceramic Pro.

– SB3 Coatings Vortex is a two-year ceramic coating similar to Ceramic Pro Wheel & Caliper or Ceramic Pro 9H (when used on wheels).

– The SB3 Coatings Optic is a one-year ceramic coating similar to Ceramic Pro Glass, and is used on your windshield/glass surfaces.


We have access to many brands of ceramic coatings, and we always choose what is best for the client in their particular situation.